22 | Dating Ponyboy would include.

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Date: 8.15.19
Info: headcannons of what dating Ponyboy would consist of.

- Him helping you study and doing homework together every day.

- Walking around town together is a date.

- Darrel trying to give the both of you "the talk" but every time it gets awkward and he gives up.

- He reads to you.

- Him being more emotional than you, so you always end up comforting him.

- Passing notes in class. Sometimes getting caught.

- Making out in random places so you don't get caught: On the side of the house, under the bleachers at school, in the lot, and the back of the movie house.

- Thinking its gross when his kisses taste like cigarettes.

- Him telling you gossip about the gang.

- Wearing more modest clothing around his brothers.

- Him stealing condoms from Sodapop, which you guys never really get the chance to use.

- Hating Cherry Valance because she treats Ponyboy badly, but him still thinking their friends.

- Your parents like him, but think you guys are too young to date.

- Darrel and your parents calling each other to talk about rules.

- Being each other's first everything.

- Dallas scares you.

- Attending family dinners at each other's houses.

- Not letting him go to rumbles.

- Dragging Johnny on dates with you guys.

- Side hugs around Darry.

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