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I scowled in annoyance as I moved through the crowded room with Louis leading the way to find a table, and kept my eyes on the back of his head so that I wouldn't lose him.

I've never been into going out to coffeehouses like this where the hipster culture tended to flock to, so this was like my own personal hell. Everyone was either drunk or on their way to being drunk, and since it was Valentines Day, the place was casually decorated to fit the theme. Eventually Louis found a table, much to my surprise considering how many people were in here, and we sat down immediately so that we wouldn't lose the table. When we got comfortable, or as comfortable as we possibly could be, Louis looked around, "Any sign of your lady?"

I rolled my eyes as I took my coat off, "She's not my lady."

"Yeah, yeah." He nonchalantly said, ignoring me completely as he kept looking around. "It's hard to see past all these people mate. Don't you have her number?"

I nodded, "I'm not calling her though."

"What? Why not?" He asked, this time looking at me. "It would make this so much easier."

I started looking around the room as well, doing my best to seek out a girl about 5'5 with light colored hair and brown eyes as I replied, "I doubt she would answer." It was far too noisy in here to hear a cellphone ring, and I'm sure that she would have her phone on silent so that it wouldn't interrupt the date.

Louis sighed, "Fine."

I made eye contact with a few females around the room who showed no signs of hiding the fact that they were watching me like a hawk, but none of those faces belonged to Olsen. I started to wonder if maybe she had already left for the night since she's been gone for about three hours now, but then I started thinking about the scenario that I pushed to the back of my mind.

What if she left with the guy she was meeting tonight?

My heartbeat accelerated instantly, and I began to feel nervous as I tapped my fingers against the table very quickly. It felt like years until I finally spotted a girl walking our way, and I quickly realized that it was Olsen.

Louis excused himself right as she approached the table, "Oh, hey Olsen!" He greeted her, "Harry and I decided to come out and grab some drinks tonight. Would you like one?"

She looked at him and smiled kindly, "No thank you."

He briefly glanced at me and winked, "Save my seat will ya? I shouldn't be too long." She just nodded her head and watched as he walked away, leaving the two of us alone in a crowded place.

I cleared my throat and looked around the room, "Didn't think the place would be so busy on a holiday." I was never very good at making small talk, but I had to make the attempt so that I could clear her suspicions of me being here. Olsen didn't know a whole lot about me, but she probably knew enough to deduce that this wasn't the kind of place that I hung around in. She would be absolutely correct, but I had to play the part in order for her to not make the connection.

Olsen nodded slowly, "Me neither." She looked around once more while biting on her lower lip, and I wondered if she was looking for that guy. I felt my stomach twist just a little in discomfort, and my fingers tapped once again.

"Do you want to-" I was about to ask if she wanted to sit down, but then someone roughly backed into by a person behind her, and her whole body lurched forward. My fatherly instincts must have kicked in at that point, because I was out of my seat in two seconds and currently holding her by the upper arms to keep her from falling down.

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