Chapter 12 - Makeovers and stolen kisses

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Chapter 12 - Makeovers and stolen kisses

"Okay so before we go and do this, I need to know about the hat situation." Hayley's words had Kayla backing up a step and grumbling under her breath.

This was one of the reasons she had never wanted a makeover! She didn't want anyone prying into her life. Even though Hayley was her friend, Kayla had never told anyone about her problems with her giant forehead. She had hoped to avoid thesituation for even longer but by Hayley's determined expression, that wasn't going to happen.

She glanced around her room and pondered the week she had just had to help calm herself down. Isaac was pretty much everything she could recall. Just thinking about him had a dreamy smile appearing on her face.

Every day he had spent so much time with her. He was always there when she arrived at school, he insisted on walking her to her classes and often appeared early at the dance studio. They had talked a lot over little things and big things. She had become much more comfortable around him and not as much a bumbling fool.

Sure he still set her heart to pounding and her nerves alight but his presence was now just as soothing as well. She had relished every single second that he smiled at her and laughed with her.

Now here she was on Saturday morning with Hayley preparing to attempt the dastardly makeover. She had been dreading this moment all week especially as Hayley seemed to remind her every day about it. By Hayley's tapping foot, she wasn't impressed with her friend's evasion technique.

"Come on Kayla. Mum gave me enough money for both of us to get pampered and I know your Mum gave you money too. I'm not just going to shove you in a chair and disappear." Hayley said in encouragement.

"She shouldn't have done that." Kayla protested even though her friend was right.

She had told her Mum everything about agreeing to have a date with Isaac. Her Mum had grinned in the most mischievous way before pressing a pile of money on her. She had tried to give the birds and bees speech too until Kayla pointed out she had learnt all that stuff at school.

She was also allowing Kayla to stay at Hayley's place tonight even though it was the same house her date lived in. Kayla had been happy knowing she wouldn't have to be home alone when her Mum went to work.

"Well she did! It's time for you to fess up before we plop into a hairdressers chair and they force the truth out of you." Hayley told her firmly and Kayla felt alarmed at the mere thought of it. "So unless you're hiding some freaky alien head then I need to know."

"Why are we friends again?" Kayla asked with a shake of her head.

"Just tell me!" Hayley yelled.

"Shush Hayley! My Mum's still sleeping."

"Then you had better tell me before I start screaming the roof down!" Hayley threatened with her voice rising on every word. Kayla smartly pulled her hat off her head, knowing that Hayley normally followed her threats through.

"See." Kayla's voice was a bare whisper, as embarrassment filled her for exposing her faults.

"I can't see anything. It's not like I haven't seen you without a hat before Kayla. What I want to know is why you use them as a security blanket."  Hayley enquired in a soft voice.

" can you not see it?" Kayla's voice went high as her friend frowned.

"Tell me what I'm supposed to see."  Hayley reached out a hand to touch Kayla's shoulder but she flinched away.

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