Chapter 44

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"Mum..." I whispered softly as my tears were still streaming down my cheeks. I couldn't believe that I was holding her corpse. She was pregnant... Jonathan did not only kill our mother but also our sibling. I cried softly as I hid my face on her chest. Her blood was all over my face and hands. My hands were shaking the whole time I was holding her but I also did not want to let go of her. I wanted her back... I needed her back...

"Please breathe..." I cried softly again.

"We need you... I need you." I cried a bit louder. I choked again on my sobs and looked at my mother. She was so beautiful... There was a fault in her stars... She met our father who hurt her like hell and her own son killed her... I was not there at all and the only child she had ever known was Jace. Now that she finally had a chance to start her life again by loving Luke and having a child again, she was gone.

"I love you." I cried softly and sobbed. "I love you so much." I cried and held her tighter.

"Clary?" I heard Alec's voice ask. I looked up and saw the shocked expression on his face. I could tell that he had no idea what to say nor did he knew what had happened.

"What happened?" He asked and his voice was shaking. I could see his hands slightly shaking when he came closer to me and looked at my mother. I just looked at him and cried. I didn't knew how I should explain this. All I knew that this was Jonathan's doing. I saw Alec sending out a fire message before holding me.

"It was Jonathan." I cried as I still held onto my mother. I saw how confused Alec was and I prayed to the Angel that he would believe me.

"That's impossible. He is locked. There is now way he can get out of there." Alec said and I shook my head. I pointed at my mother whilst my hand was shaking.

"It was him. Believe me. It was him." I cried out loud and I saw Jace running into my room. His eyes were focused on our mother and it looked like he couldn't move at all. He just froze and stood here, glancing at our mother's dead body.

"Mum..." He whispered softly and almost fell on the ground but Alec quickly held him before collapsing on the ground. I stood up.

"What happened?" Jace asked and his voice broke down. His golden eyes were full of tears and he looked at me.

"It was Jonathan." I whispered without trying to burst out again. Jace shook his head.

"It was you, wasn't it?" Jace asked and I could see him getting angry. In shock of what he just said I shook my head and looked at him.

"No, it was him. You have to believe me, Jace." I said and I felt myself breaking down again. He laughed and came a bit closer.

"Are you kidding me? Jonathan is locked up and the only one who just exploded and hurt her own friend is now found with our dead mother!" He screamed which made me jump a little out of shock. Hurt, I looked over at Alec who was also just silent. He wasn't standing up for me nor trying to believe me.

"I could hear him. It was Jonathan. This was Jonathan. I would never hurt our mother." I cried softly and Jace shook his head.

"Not our mother, My mother." He said angrily. I just stared at Jace, not being able to say anything to him. It hurt me that he didn't believe me and over all I was dying seeing my mother laying down there, knowing that I might or could have helped her.

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