Dear Diary,

you know who I am. Astrid Ella Bailey. My school's loser nerd, my brother's annoying sister, the daughter my parents never found time for and now that things finally got so bad, I decided to write to you. It felt weird though. It's as if I was talking to myself but then again, I always found reading as well as writing to be my escape.

I'm still trying to cope with the way things were for me and I just needed to voice my opinions. I felt stuck and though I had friends, I couldn't come to them with anything. So here I go, writing about everything that's going on in my life.

I have two years of high school left and in the future when I look back, I want them to be remembered. Maybe I'll even read this diary to my future kids when they'll be old enough and shake my head at all the bad decisions I have made. Maybe I'll look back and think about everything I went through yet I made it to where I was at that point in the future.

Let's not get side-tracked. I want to start by telling you about today. It was supposed to be a day just like any other. I had plans to get out of my more than comfortable bed like I usually did and complete my morning routine I had set for myself a long time ago. Instead, it went in a quite unusual direction.

I woke up 30 minutes late and that alone sent me into panic mode right away. I was a perfect student, never skipped classes and made sure my grades were more than flawless. Hurriedly, I got up to take my everyday morning shower and unfortunately realized my idiotic twin brother had used all the hot water. To make matters even worse I bumped my pinkie toe into a table and almost tripped over my 'I Read YA' door mat in front of my bedroom which I got when I went to a Reader's Convention in Chicago last year.

Because the cold water made my hair frizzy, it got hard to brush through and that introduced me to a problem – barely getting ready in time. Being late was never an option for me. I was either at school or I was on my dying bed. There was no in between.

I went downstairs to the kitchen to make myself some breakfast when I looked at the clock. I didn't have enough time to eat without being late. So I simply took an apple and before I knew it, it was seven a.m. and I was rushing to my car. My bag landed on the back seat where I threw it before I heard my brother call after me.

"Astrid, wait!" Connor rushed through the front door, trying to catch his breath. His dark brown hair was a mess and I guess he fell asleep too. That meant he now wanted to ask me for a ride. It was a rare thing to happen but I witnessed it every now and then.

My brother and I were two very different people. While I would describe myself as a socially awkward seventeen-year-old with a serious addiction to books and anything book related, my brother was the social butterfly of my high school. He was the captain of Evergreen High's football team, the star athlete and one of the most popular guys in school.

We were twins but while he was extremely talkative (and annoying), I kept quiet most of the time. My brother liked to slack off, taking the term couch potato to a whole new level and I liked to be kept busy. He was highly – and I mean it – unorganized and popular while I was... not.

"What do you want now?" I asked with disinterest and walked over to the driver's side.

"I need a ride." Connor said to me.

"Call your friends," I told him, trying to wave him off as I opened the driver's door. He simply ran a hand through his annoyingly good looking hair as if he was bragging about getting all the good genes in this family.

"They already left. Now get in the car and drive otherwise we're going to be late and you know I can't miss my morning practice," Connor ordered before he slid into the passenger seat without waiting for an answer.

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