Chapter 7: Midas

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The attacks were an onslaught of claws and teeth's trying to burrow their way in to our hearts. I had a feeling they would come, I had a feeling that Winter was possibly a beacon for other creatures and my suspicions were correct.

I couldn't see her anywhere, I swung my sword in defense of my men and the women who ran scarred. Some are killed in the action, I can see my brother trying to take a demon off of my mate but then she runs with the young pup.

I attempt to run after her because I know they will still keep coming until they go for her neck. Yet they stop me, as if they know she is the reason I'm defending my men from all of this. It's not the only reason but she is one of them.

"Don't let them go for your throats!" I roar out so my men understand what they must do. So far, they are successful but a few warriors have fallen. My brother and I are no back to back facing the demons that encircle us. My men and their mates are now encircled as well.

"Is this where we die, brother?" Roland asks me, I feel out of breath and I don't know where Winter has gone.

"If we die, we will die fighting these bastards!" One demon is close to step up against until they stay still. It's as if they're listening to a calling. All of us are still as well, unsure of what to do, we wait until they attack. Except, nothing of the sort happens, they leave.

"What do you think was that about?" Roland asks.

I didn't have an answer to it, I look around to see my men grab onto their mates and bring them to the horses and settle them down. The women look to be as traumatized as expected.

War is no place for a woman.

"Where's Winter?" Roland asks as he looks around to see where she has gone. I remember then that she is the only one who hasn't returned.

"Shit!" I run with my sword at hand, they stopped because it wasn't us that they wanted. They want Winter, I don't know as of why but I will beat them 'til they tell me. I can hear my men calling me to stop but I won't. She needs me, her pup needs me. They will rip them apart if I don't go after them.

"Noooo!!!! Stop it!!!" I hear her, her screams are the sounds of agony and something within me just could not comprehend what this feels like. My wolf, he's angry, he wants to come out and bring hell onto these fuckers. I hear it, the cries of the small pup in pain and then, no more sound from Ejnar.

"You evil bastards!" My blood pumps in furry at the sight of one of the demons so close to mates face. I'm even more pissed that my little mate would give up so easily to these demons. I can see she truly no longer wants to live not after witnessing the death of a pup.

I don't know what comes over me, over my wolf but it is as if we were given this new burst of energy, this... hope. My anger isn't towards anyone but these bastards that dare take what is mine.

"Get your fucking hands off of my mate." I roar in rage as I swing my sword to cut of their heads. Giving no mercy to these vermin's. The sight of the young's pups heart overflowing of blood sets me on a warpath with them. They don't stop their onslaught of incoming attacks. No matter how much I kill, it's as if they keep coming.

With a second to waste I grab Winter from the bloody heap as the demons continue to come after us. I couldn't grab the small dead pup for they took it and fed off of Ejnar's little corpse. I'm bloodied in all of the blackness, there's no way I can wash the stain in front of Winter's eyes.

"You're too late..." She whispers, she's so cold there's no end to her temperature. It's as if she is stuck like this forever and I don't know how to fix this.

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