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Laura's POV


I wake up and hit the snooze on the alarm, again. I do my little morning routine and walk downstairs, seeing everyone at the living room, crowded around the letter.

"Hey!" I say. "What's up?"

"She wrote!" They yell, I rush over to them.

"Did you guys already read it?" I ask.

"No, we were waiting for you." Says Cara.

"Okay, thank you." I smile.

"I call reading it!" Yells Nathan, grabbing it. 

"Dear Laura, and probably everyone else."

"I haven't written lately because I have been all over the place, and I am very sorry about that, I will try and write every week, filling you guys in."

"So... the coping, I'm sorry this is taking a big tow on you guys, but I may or may not have some bad news."

"BAD NEWS?!" Scream Cara and I

"SHUSH!" Says Eric. "Continue Nathan."

"The Captain and I talked this morning and it turns out the war has gone out of control, more than expected, so I am going to be taking a team of six people and leading into the war. We will be going tomorrow, early in the morning. I want you all to know that I will be okay, and I will be super careful, just for you. Since I know you all so much, you can 'stalk' the people that I will be leading into battle, their names are, Alyssa, Molly, Fallon, Brad, Riley, and Mike, you can probably find them on the website, believe it or not."

"Car-" Says Eric, getting interrupted by Cara.

"On it." She says. "Continue reading, I'll tell you about them in a bit."

"As for the whole sister situation, I had no clue. When I first arrived here, the Captain gave me a letter from my dad, and the Captain also filled me in that I have two half-sisters. One of them, I guess is in the hospital with you guys right now, and... the other one is soon to be found? As for my father, he... well, he wants to meet after the war is over, so yeah."

"So, good luck in the hospital, I'm hoping it doesn't get destroyed by the time I come back."

Finishes Nathan. 

"Damn..." I say. "She didn't even know she had TWO sisters."

"I know." Sighs Eric. "That's why I have always hated her father, he's a total douche."

"Yeah yeah." Says David. "What about the people Cara?"

"I got them!" She says. "Okay, first person, Fallon Goldberg, she's single, just got out of college, family is rich, never gotten arrested, 25 years old, and hot." 

"Okay, good so far." Nods David.

"Second person." She says. "Molly Sanders, also 25 years old, best friends with Fallon and Alyssa, also single, also just got out of college, family is SUPER loaded, never gotten arrested, used to be a model, and also hot."

"Skylar can seriously pick the hot ones, huh?" Says David, I jab my elbow in his ribs. "OW!"

"Third person." Cara rolls her eyes, the really focuses on the screen. "WOAH!" 

"WHAT?!" We all yell.

"I swear to god if you says she's hot I'm gonna murder you." I huff.

"Well, yeah." I walk closer to her. "BUT! Her name is Alyssa Grey."

"Skylar's second sister!" Says Eric. "What a big coincidence!"

"Oh yeah, Grace did say that her sister was at the army." I say. "I should have noticed."

"Okay, come, spill de tea." Says Nathan to Cara.

"Alyssa Grey." She says. "Single, 24, just got out of college, semi-hot semi-cute, did have encounter with the police..."

"What?" I say. "With what?"

"Used to be a drug addict, arrested multiple times." She explains.

"That's not that good..." Says David.

"Okay." I sigh. "Let's not think the worst, come on continue, we have three more people to stalk."

"Brad Pierce." She continues. "Had a football scholarship, went to business school, family owns a company, Brad is supposed to take it over soon, they put him in the war to learn some stuff, he's 34, and kinda hot but looks douchey."

"Meh, he really does seem douchey." Shrugs David. "Next."

"Okay, last two people." She says. "Riley and Mike Scripp, twins, both supposed to be Brad's bodyguard, they grew up with Brad, high-school dropouts, both arrested for pickpocketing and drug abuse, 34 years old."

"Damn, those two are totally not good at all." Sighs David. "Why did Skylar choose them?"

"Maybe she sees something in them?" I ask. "So, Cara, why didn't you add in the little hot or not factor?"

"Oh- I uh.. didn't?" She replies, looking a bit nervous.

"No." Says David.

"Well, they're both... um... not hot?" She says, kinda sounds like she asked, but I drop it.

"Come on guys, let's go to the hospital." I say.

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