(New) Adair Serum Monumental Dubstep

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Download http://ibase.pw/M3dEBnf3TBiVB (active link in comments)  Adair's aptly named 'Monumental Dubstep' pack is a pristine collection of Serum presets that is ready to fatten up your basslines, intensify your synths and pack a hefty punch into your melodies. It's full of fresh new sounds taken directly from Adair's projects, giving you an insight into his sound design process. With 44 Basses, 4 Fx, 11 Leads, 5 Pads, 3 Plucks, 1 Sequence, and 7 Synths, this pack is ideal for a new producer experimenting with Serum, or a seasoned veteran looking for some new inspiration. Adair Serum Monumental Dubstep  download free crack

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