Twined hearts Part 1

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"Hey, can you get these books to the faculty room? I have to go home early today."

"Oh, well I guess I could help you out."

"Oh thank you so much! I'll make it up to you tomorrow!"

"Ok, no problem."

She waved good bye and went our separate ways. Me, going to the faculty room. And her going to her boyfriend.

Yes, I know That she's not going Home. After All, what's she going to do there? I'd probably hear her mother's argument again.
I had known Angelica for a long time, that it's already a daily routine for her to come up excuses just to fool around with other guys.

Never knew why she fooled around with other guys, I never dared asked her about it...

"Man, this is heavy..."

Well, whatever the case, she never told me about the things she did. Though, I sometimes wished for her to stop it.
After all, she's a bright girl. Both in her personality and her grades.

Of course, she's also really pretty.
I mean, she has a great figure, has pretty black curls, and has a beauty mark near her lips. Of course, guys would be enchanted by her!
But despite all the good things about her, she still fools around with men. What made her be this way?

"Finally the faculty room..."
I leaned my other knee on the wall, placing the books on my lap and knocked on the door.
The door opened revealing a young man with black hair and glasses. He had tan skin and wore a blazer with black pants. Mr. Gomez greeted me...

"Ah, Hello Neena. I see that you've brought the books. Though, I thought Angelica was supposed to be the one that brought the books?"

"Well, her mom said to her to go home early since there was an emergency so she asked me to do it sir."

"What's the emergency?"

"Um, I don't know sir..."

"I see. I'll ask her tomorrow. Thanks for bringing the books"

Mr. Gomez took the books from my hands and I left to get my bag from the classroom.
As I went home, I saw Angelica with her boyfriend eating at the Ice Cream stand.

He looks happy with her...

I turn my head away and continued to walk away. With every step, I could feel my eyes water. Soon I stopped by a light post and leaned to cry.


Why can't it be me?

"I love you..."


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