(New) Sonixinema Medicine Man (Tongue Drum Library) KONTAKT FREE

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Download http://ibase.pw/Jo2tX3wdevfqf (newest link in comments)  Medicine Man is a unique hand crafted Tongue Drum recorded by our friend Sasa Dukic, best known as PsiloCybian. Sasa is a music producer, electrical engineer and a teacher who likes to spend his spare time creating unique virtual instruments.This Tongue Drum is an incredible source of inspiration, featuring a unique atmosphere layer which adds life and character to the sound. With a tactile feel and deep, lush tone, this instrument is truly one of a kind, and the best part is - it's free!Introducing Playground, a new collection of unique virtual instruments created in collaboration with musicians, composers and artists from around the world. Sonixinema Medicine Man (Tongue Drum Library) KONTAKT FREE   crack free download

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