Make New Friends But Hide The Old

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The one thing I hate most, besides Henry. Living on the military base I was homeschooled, but when my mother was alive I did experience real school and I didn't like it.

I begged my sister to homeschool me, but she wants me to go to normal school and be a normal kid.

Who wants to be normal. That's boring.

I was going with the Ross kids and they could
help me, but I really wanted to stay home. School equals death.

I was going into the seventh grade with Luke, Zuri was going into third, Emma was in high school, and Ravi was just starting middle school. I thankfully skipped the first year of middle school drama and bullying with the homeschooling, but I have to deal with two more years before high school. Seventh grade doesn't seem as bad, but at the same time it also seems like the worst.

Unless you're a loser like myself, then every year is torture.

"Bertram, you look so happy. Did your tease of the week come in?" Jessie joked, noticing Bertram's unusual happy mood.

"Better! It's the day I've waited for since summer began!" Bertram smiles. "The end of summer!"

Said butler served Luke an egg and I rolled my eyes.

"Try to contain yourself, Bretram. You're drooling in our eggs." I shook my head, taking a bite of my egg.

"My plan this year! Is to reduce my wedgie ratio to one per fortnight!" Ravi beams.

(The fact that they said this and years later it became a video game, it makes me sad)

"Yeah, if you keep using words like 'fortnight' it's gonna be a long wedgieific year!" Luke remarks and I whack his arm softly.

"I just hope I don't have to sit next to Gross Gus again." Zuri says with a disgusted look. "He's always shoving stuff up his nose." Luke and I share a look of disgust as she talks. "He always claims he doesn't know what happened to my crayon, but how does he explain that magenta snot?"

"That's enough breakfast for today." I chuckled awkwardly and right then Bertram walked over.

"Oh my! Look at the time! You don't want to be tardy on your first day back!" Bertram smiles, picking up Luke and Emma's plates.

"But I'm still eating!" Luke protested and followed Bertram to the trash. "Wait! Wait! Wait!"

Bertram began to dump the food into the trash can, but Luke put his face above it so he could catch the food before it could pour into the trash.

Luke is a very...special person to say the least.

"Come on! Come on! Come on!" Jessie hurried us out the door and all of us went into the living room.

"There you go!" She gave Emma her bag.

"Love you!" She gave Ravi his.

"Love ya, JJ." She kissed my cheek, handing me my bag.

"Have a good day! Be good!" She told all of us as we walked into the elevator. She turned to us and put on a fake pout. "Bye guys! I miss you already!"

"Bye!" We all waved as the doors shut and I folded my arms.

"I bet they are happy dancing right now." I say and Luke looked at me.

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