(New) Boom Library Cinematic Elements: Fire and Water Bundle WAV

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Download http://ibase.pw/FpG9L86vLU4Ax (newest links in comments)  CINEMATIC FIRE  WATER WITH AN INCREDIBLY STRONG CHARACTERFire  Water are two very impressive and interesting elements. Their manifestations range from tiny and harmless to huge and devastating. As a consequence their sonic character is just as diverse and should be properly featured with all its facets in a sound FX library. And that was just our minimum requirement for this masterpiece. Besides several thousand (!) of fire  water sounds, we added a lot of extraordinary sweeteners to further support the already strong character and to give your sound design this specific edge. As this library carries the BOOM Library �Cinematic� label, it is destined to once more raise the bar in terms of characteristic and state-of-the-art sound FX. The outcome is a stunning collection of sounds that�s packed up to the lid with extraordinary sound design compositions and a huge amount of crystal-clear source recordings. Boom Library Cinematic Elements: Fire and Water Bundle WAV  crack free download

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