Chapter 9

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UNEDITED (short, sorry)

I looked at the paper in my hands again, you know, just to know if I had read right. Transfer?? Why would they transfer me? I mean it's not yet time to be transferred.

I'd have to go resume there tomorrow. Oh god and it not just any department, the boss' office was there. I would have to do my work strictly and make no mistakes.

There, I won't be able to get any help from Jake or Yvonne because it's a bit far from their offices.

My alarm suddenly went off startling me. 6:00pm. I kept the paper back in the envelop and placed it inside my bag.

I stood up and arranged my things before going over to the curtains to lock it.

I took my bag and walked out of the office, I'm going to miss it, I can't believe this would be the last time I'm going be here.

"Hey, my car broke down. Can you give me a ride?" I heard Yvonne say, immediately I got out of the office. "Sure." I replied with a sly smile.

"How was work today?" She asked as we walked towards my car.

We got in before I answered. "It was fine... Except the part when I got a transfer letter." I said and she gasped.

"OMG, we won't be close to each other again, what if I need help with some files." She said then sighed. "Where were you transferred to?"

I brought out the transfer letter and gave it to her. She gasped again. "Oh my- wow." She said clearly surprised.

"Haha, it's surprisingly next to Mr. Kings' office." She said before I could reply.

"Yes." I said sadly. Not because I was transferred to where he was, no. But because I was going to be far away from her, we always help each other and other stuff.

"You know, I bumped into Mr. Kings earlier today." I told her and her eyes widened in interest.

"Oh you did? What happened?"

"Well, when I was going to Jake's office, I bumped into him then he said pretty things and I might have talked back at him, he was going to... Well I don't really know, but someone called him and I left and then I saw Jake and I was telling him how sorry I was for not answering his call, then Mr. Kings came and asked if we were dating and Jake said yes."

"Are you kidding?" She said with a laugh that stopped immediately. "And then what happened?" She asked curiously.

"Nothing, except the fact that Jake was taun- wait, do that know each other?"

"Yeah, they've been friends for a very long time."

"That explains why." I said starting the car. Yep, the car wasn't moving.

"Anyways, it's okay. I would come and see you there from time to time." She said smiling friendly, I smiled back.

"You don't have to stress you-"

"It's okay, I would love to do it."

"Ah, thank you." I replied. I drove for 10mins, before reaching her house. She got out. "Thank you, see you at work tomorrow." She waved and I waved back with a smile before driving of to mine which was 3 blocks from mine.

I got out of my car and locked it before walking into the house, it was silent. Where was Anne? I miss her so much.

I walked towards her room, hearing giggles coming from it. I opened the door to see her running around the room with Zara running behind her.

"Mommy!" She called when she caught sight of me, she ran towards me. taking her in my arm, "how are you, baby?" I asked.

"I'm pine." She replied with a huge grin on her face. "Thank you so much, Zara."

"My pleasure." She said with a smile, her eyes still on Anne.

I jocked off my bed when my alarm went off, oh god. I stood up from the bed and went into the bathroom.

I brushed my teeth and took my bath before coming back to my room to dress, I went out of the room and go straight to Anne's room to check on her.

I can't wake her up, because it was really early. Yeah the only time I can talk to her is when I get back from work or during weekends or when I have a leave from work.

She was sound asleep, I closed the door back and went to the living room where I had kept my bag.

The door suddenly dinged, I walked over to it and opened it, revealing Zara.

I smiled at her. "Good morning." I greeted. "Good morning." She said back with a smile.

"I'd be going now." I said.

"So early?"

"Yeah... I was transferred and I can't go late anymore." I said with a small laugh. "Ah."

"Goodbye, please take good care of Anne." I said and she nodded her head with a friendly smile.

"Definitely." She replied and I walked out of the house to my car, I entered and started the car, it roared to life.

I looked around my new office, it was really beautiful and bigger than my old office. And the work I had to do was also very different.

My eyes moved to the correspondence in front of me. What am I now? A secretary? A P.A?

No way. I took my bag bringing out the letter I got yesterday. shifted to a personal assistant.

I choked. Jesus, why didn't I see that yesterday. Like it's gonna change anything.

I've got a long day ahead of me.

So sorry,  i've been updating late. I'm so sorry. But i've been really busy.

I hope you guys like this, please tell me if you do, it motivates me to write more.

Thank you for reading!

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