Chapter 3

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Interview Transcript

Patricia Bishops interviewed by Robert Mills

November 28, 2016

10:13 AM

Mills: Hello again Patricia.


Mills: Are you ready for more questions?

Bishops: As ready as I'll ever be.

Mills: Who's the next person you can think of who might have a grudge against either sibling?

Bishops: It would probably be... (pause) ... Ollie uh... (pause) Jackson. Yeah, his last name is Jackson.

Mills: Okay. Is Ollie a nickname?

Bishops: Yeah for Oliver I think. 

Mills: How did Oliver know Veronica and Gavin?

Bishops: Ollie was Veronica's boyfriend back in Freshman Year. They had a pretty rough breakup.

Mills: How rough?

Bishops: There was a bit of roughhousing involved. Especially from Gavin. 


Bishops: Veronica was caught cheating on Ollie. He took it pretty hard. Took him a while to get over it...

Mills: But he did get over it?

Bishops: I think so. I didn't talk to him much. He and Veronica were in a grade below me, so we didn't have any classes together. (pause) It was also about six years ago. I'm only bringing it up because of the physical confrontation. 

Mills: Did you have any contact with Oliver after graduation?

Bishops: No. Like I said, I didn't talk to him much.

Mills: Okay. 

Bishops: Didn't they do all this research before when looking into the case? I definitely gave my lawyer most of these names.

Mills: Why didn't you mention that yesterday?

Bishops: This gives me something to do. It's not like I have an endless amount of time or anything.

Mills: But it could be saving my time. 

Bishops: I figured you were asking to hear it for yourself. 

[knock at door]

Mills: Come in.

Soutter: I have her food. When would you like to take a break for lunch?

Mills: In a minute or two. I'll come out when we're ready. 

Soutter: Alright. 

[door closing]

Mills: When did you give your lawyer this list?

Bishops: I'm hungry. 

Mills: I need to know about the list.

Bishops: Can we eat first? If you want I can write out the names.

Mills: I would rather you say them so that we can have them on record. 

Bishops: Can we do it after lunch? I've been up since seven. 

Mills: I suppose. 

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