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"you can't be serious."

jimin slammed his head on the table in excitement. "i am so serious. this is our chance,  gguk. we can meet agust-d! how are you not excited?"

"it's your chance, not mine." jeongguk answered, leaning back in his chair. jimin comes up with a plan to meet his favorite rapper, agust-d, about once a month. never once have they been successful.

"we went to high school with him, do you think he remembers?" jimin wondered. his obsession goes back to freshman year, when he bumped into the upperclassmen on the way to class. as his popularity grew, so did jimin's crush.

jeongguk answered honestly, "i don't know, you spoke to him once four years ago. a lot has changed since then." jimin let out a sigh, followed by a pout.

"please koo," he pleaded, "you know how much this means to me. i just want to try."

"i want to say yes, but you're talking about breaking into a building. a heavily guarded one, too. what if we can't get in? what if we get arrested? you're putting a lot of effort in a person that you don't even know."

"i see your point, but what if he sees me and realizes instantly that i am in fact the man of his dreams and we run away, get married in secret, and buy an island to live happily ever after?"

jeongguk held back a laugh. the everlasting optimism jimin holds for this dream relationship has always impressed him. he replied, "that would still be a loss for me, unless he has a friend so i don't have to suffer alone with y'all."

jimin smacks the younger's arm playfully. "and who said you were invited? the best part of running away will be getting away from you." he joked.

"well fuck you then," jeongguk replied with a small grin, "if we're going to go, we better go now." jimin nearly jumped for joy before making his way towards his dresser.

the younger stood up headed for his closet. as much as he dreaded the night ahead, he figured he should dress for the occasion. Dark Angel, the club they would be attending, was known to be one of the city's most famous invite-only club. It was guaranteed to be crawling with celebrities, lawyers, and everything between.

after some debate, he dressed in red long sleeve button up with back dress pants. to accessorize he added a small silver necklace and a few rings. jimin wore a similar outfit, with a blue top and diamond studded earrings, complimenting his silver hair.

upon arriving at the garage, jimin looked at the two cars and frowned. "which one do you think we should go with?" he asked. neither of the boys had particularly impressive rides. jeongguk drove a versa, the same one he bought when he was seventeen.

"i don't think it matters. it would probably be smarter if we parked across the street and walked." jeongguk answered as he opened his front door. in his mind, the parking lot would be filled with expensive, flashy cars. having an average car would not go unnoticed. jimin nodded in agreement before climbing into the passenger seat. it was about a fourty minute drive downtown. soft music played through the speakers as he drove.

"i wonder what my dream daddy will be wearing tonight." jimin thought aloud. jeongguk jokingly rolled his eyes, "are you even sure he'll be there?"

without hesitation, jimin replied, "he's coming. in fact, he's probably already there. i can feel it."

jeongguk scoffed, "don't tell me it's that soulmate connection bullshit again." with a grin, the older tapped the side of his head and answered, "that's exactly what it is."

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