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Ani_shivay stop

Shiv_😝😝😝 catch me wifey

Ani_shivay 😠🏃🏃🏃.

Shivay accidentally fell down.

Ani_shivay are you ok.


Ani_shivay let me see

Shiv_no no its paining.

Ani_shivay if you don't show it then i call doctor he give you big big injection and tablet.

Shiv_😭😭😭 noo

Hearing shivay sound pinky come to their room.

Pin_shivay what happen what you do my son

Ani_i did not do anything aunty accidentally he fell down.

Pin_i know everything you pull shivay .

Ani_why i do like that

Pin_because you want to kill him first you hit him with your car next .

Ani_imafe aunty if i close your mouth that does not mean you talk whatever you want measure your words before you speak.

Pin_😤 how dare you
Pinky raise her hand to slap anika. Suddenly tow hands push pinky on sudden push pinky fell down  her head hit on table it started to bleed lighty.

Shiv_go you are bad aunty you are going to slap my wifey go from here get out

Shivay started to jump and cry. On seeing shivay pinky anger raised.

Pin_😬😬😬oh my matha you make my son against me see i separate you from him . First i throw you out of my house it was my mistake to marry you to my son. Come

Pinky drag anika...

Is pinky throw anika out of the house?

Will she separate shivay from anika?

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