Who Is He?

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Kim Taehyung walk aimlessly around his school corridor. He stare ahead not wanting to make any eye-contact with anybody. Sometimes he's grateful that he could be invisible to them but sometimes he wished he is really invisible. He stop on his track when group of boys stood in front of him. ''Kim Taehyung. That was definitely a long holiday. Don't you miss us?!" The red hair boy in front of him smirked. Taehyung didn't open his mouth as he was led away from the crowd of students in the hallway.

He cough out in agony as he lay on the ground. He could feel the pain all over his body that will accompany him for few days. ''That was refreshing.'' The red hair said again as the rest of his friends laugh and agree. "See you around Kim Taehung, don't worry we will let you heal and come back with our routine.'' He said and walked away with the rest leaving the bruised boy behind. Taehyung roll over as his back lay flat to the floor, he stare at the sky with tears slowly running the side of his face. 'It'll be okay Taehyung-ahh. You will always be.' He said in his mind repeating it like a mantra. They are right, it's his routine. He's used to it and he wished it could stop now.

Jeon Jungkook bite his lips and re-read the question for the 10th time. He's growing frustrated at how he still can't get the answers but he snap his finger when it finally came to him. He quickly circle the answer sheets and exhale in happiness. His last paper of the day and he can't wait to finish it off. He find it ridiculous on the first day of school, he had to answer exams. Well, that's what happen when he couldn't make it for the paper end of semester last year. Jeon Jungkook is a well-known basketball star in his school. He's so dedicated and talented he put basketball as his main focus which resulting him to injure himself on their final game last year, hence why he can't attend his final exams.  

But because he's such a school pride that they let him take the missing papers afterwards. He hand his paper to the teacher and make his way out of the classroom. "Damn, recess is in another 10 minutes. I'll just walk slowly to  the cafeteria.'' He smirk to himself with his own plan of skipping his class on the first day. Technically the teachers knows he has exams, it just turns out he finishes earlier than the given time.

He walk at the empty hallway looking around. He always feels schools is just a hectic place. Everywhere you go, there be students running, screaming, crying or panicking. Or teachers screaming louder, and spilling threads that no one will actually take it seriously. But on occasion like this, Jungkook could feel the calmness. Until he was bump harshly and he fell to the ground with a body on top of him. ''Oh my god. I'm so sorry..." A small apologize non-stop follow with a painful groan. Jungkook came back from his shock and look down at the person who's having difficulty to get up from him.

He couldn't help but let out a chuckle at how cute this boy on top of him now. But that fond feeling disappears when he saw the boy's beautiful face but with bruises. Fresh ones. He quickly but gently lift up his body automatically make it easier for the other to get up too. They both sat on the floor with the other staring down at the ground and Jungkook trying to figure out who is this timid boy. I mean he doesn't really know  everyone in school but he sure should have notice this beautiful creature. 

''I'm so sorry. I didn't look where I was going.'' The boy whisper shakily. ''Hey, it's fine. I'm not hurt or anything. I was just startled. But are you okay though?'' He questioned taking the boy's shaking body. ''I'm okay. I should get going now. I'm sorry again.'' They blonde brown hair quickly said and attempt to get on his feet which he fails as he didn't have the strength to do so, Jungkook immediately got up to his feet and holds the boy's shoulder. ''You're in pain. Why don't we take you to the nurse?'' Jungkook suggest worriedly. ''No, I'll be fine.'' The other replied struggling to ever breathe properly. Before Jungkook could say anything else, the boy falls limp and Jungkook pull him close making sure he didn't drop on the floor. 

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