Meeting the Ross Family

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"Jessie!" I called from down the street and I saw my sister turn around.

"JJ!" She beamed and I dropped my suitcase, running towards her. "I've missed you so much!"

I hugged my sister tightly and she picked me up, causing me to chuckle.

After living in Texas my whole life, I decided to move away and live with my older sister in New York City. I lived on a military base with my father and had enough of it after my boyfriend shattered my heart. He admitted he cheated on me for six months of our relationship and was just using me, because I was attractive and had a good body.

Boys are jerks, but why are they all so attractive?

It may not look it, but that break up completely broke me. My sister doesn't have luck with relationships but she gets passed them easily, because she's been in many. It's stupid for me to act like this because of a stupid boy, but what he did really hurt me.

I will not let myself fall for a boy ever again.

"I've missed ya too!" I express as she set me down. I got a good look at my sister and she hasn't changed much, except her hair is slightly different. "How's New York been and being a nanny to a rich family?"

Jessie is a nanny to a rich family in this apartment building next to us. The parents of the kids are Morgan and Christina Ross and I still wonder on how she got this job.

She wants to be an actress not a nanny.

"Pretty crazy." She smiles. "It's like a party every day."

"Bunch of rich kids, wouldn't be surprised." I remarked and Jessie chuckled in response.

I went back to grab my bag before Jessie and I walked inside the apartment building. A doorman opened the door and greeted us with a friendly smile.

"Hey Jessie!" The man says to my sister and followed us inside.

"Hey Tony." She greets backs and Tony kisses her cheek.

"Is this your infamous little sister?" Tony says and I gave the doorman with great hair a smile.

"In the flesh. I'm Jasmine." I put my hand out and he shook it firmly.

"Nice to meet ya, Jasmine. I'm Tony, the doorman and a good friend of the Ross family." Tony introduces.

"Jessie speaks highly of you." I tell him and I glance back to see my sister blushing.

"I speak highly of her." Tony chuckles and I look back at my sister.

"You didn't tell me you had a boyfriend." I complained to my sister. I felt a little hurt that she did that, she tells me everything.

"You never asked." Jessie smiles sheepishly and I narrow my eyes at her. "Let's get you up to the penthouse, JJ."

"Nice meeting ya, Jasmine." Tony waves as Jessie and I enter the elevator.

"Bye." I wave back and the doors close. The elevator moves up and I look at my sister.

"You should've at least told me about you and Tony." I advised her. "Would've been nice to know."

"I'm sorry, JJ." She apologized and sighed. "It happened so fast. We got together in a teacup that sprayed water on us."

I rose my eyebrow in confusion and she gave me an awkward grin.

"Don't ask."

"I wasn't going too."

The elevator stopped the doors opened to reveal a beautiful penthouse. I walked out and looked all around the house.

"Woah." I say. "You live here?"

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