We Will Miss You Cameron Boyce

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I am like a wreck right now i have been crying all day you died so young and you had a long way to go. I know you are in heaven cause you deserve to be there you where one kind of a person and thank you for jessie it always made my day when you would hit on your babysitter or run away from the crazy girl that loved you a lot. You will always be remembered in our hope and i know your family and friends miss you so so much lole we your some fans do i really hope you take care of all of us from above us cause i will always look up and try to see your fsce in the sky.😔😔😞😭😭😭😭

No matter what happens you are always on my heart because you helped me even if you didn't know i did so thank you cameron boyce and i am glad that you at least died a peaceful way in your sleep.

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