Chapter 5- the words

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(Warning: this chapter has cussing, thoughts about self harm, and homophobia. If you don't like these I suggest you skip this chapter)

Zach's POV
I turn my head and see...
End of recap
Eben?!?!! "Eben.. why?" I say hurt and confused. "Did you really think anyone would want to be your friend? Your gross, a nerd, a shame to everyone..." Eben continued, "oh, and your a f**" "Eben, please stop" the words hurt more than the punches and kicks. He slaps me across the face and the boys come walking over. I manage get out from underneath his foot and curl up into a ball crying and shaking. "Awww, look. The little gay f** wants his mommy" Jonah said. "W-What about-t J-Jack?" I manage to get the words out. "Oh, you mean your little "boyfriend"  Eben said. Eben has known about my little crush on Jack because every secret that I have I tell him. He's my best friend. Was my best friend. "He's not my b-boyfriend" I muttered. "Your right, who would every want to date you?... Nobody!" Eben yelled and chuckled evilly. "Jack!! Come here and see this little s***!" Corbyn yelled. Jack walks up to me. He covers the side of his mouth so the others can't see what he says and mouths " I'm sorry" then Jack starts to kick me in the stomach. I yell "S-STOP" they all start to join in kicking me. I start to cough up blood. "Guys, let's leave before anyone sees us" Jack says. They all nodded in agreement and ran off. I slowly get up and walk. I keep walking and fall down again because I was dizzy. I got up and limped my way home. My mom was at work so I go straight to my room and cried
Everyone I trust.
Everyone I love.
Has betrayed me,
I hate myself.
I make everyone miserable.
My mom, my dad, my sister, my brother..
I lock my door and go to my bathroom.
I shower and cry for about an hour. I search my drawers for a blade. I found it. I held it close to my arm. I think about what I'm about to do.
What if I should live?
Maybe it's happening for a reason?
If I did this, would anyone miss me?
What about Reese and Ryan?
As that thought went through my head I dropped the blade only making a small cut in my arm that didn't even bleed. I get to my bed and cry in my pillow, "why me?" I say muffled into my pillow. I go to my moms bathroom and find foundation. I use that to cover up the bruises I got today so my mom wouldn't ask anything. I run back to my bedroom and start doing science homework.
Are all the things Eben said true?
I wanted to cry even more but I heard my mom arrive at home. I greeted her with a hug.

Time skip to the next day

Jacks POV
I really feel bad about hurting Zach but I have to so I won't get bullied too. Eben told us about how Zach was gay and how he had a crush on me. To be honest, I didn't care about that. Zach is so sweet and caring but he's broken. Broken because of his father, broken because of Eben, broken because of the boys, broken because of me
I feel so bad and decide to pretend to be sick. My mom let me stay home because my grades are fine. I just didn't want to see Zach in pain. I wish all this could stop, but I can't do anything about it. At least anything that didn't involve me being hurt.

Zach's POV
I get to school limping slightly. I get to second period and only see Eben, Jonah, Corbyn and Daniel. Jack must have been sick or something. It kinda scares me though because Jack was the one that stopped the fighting yesterday by making up an excuse. I took a quiz in science today and got a D because to many thoughts overwhelmed my head. I didn't sleep last night because of the strokes of pain that happen. The teacher said I could come after school to take the quiz again. I said I'll have to check with my mom. That's a lie. My mom won't care if I stay late because she will be at work the whole time. I'm scared of being stopped by the bullies. As soon as they heard the teacher say that they all turned into a huddle. I don't want to retake the quiz so I'm just going to leave it be a D. It's a 68% so it's close enough to a C.

The rest of the classes are normal and boring so time skip to after school.

I head to my locker to grab my stuff. I put the lock code in and open up my locker and see a bunch of hateful words describing me.
It hurt so bad. All these words. Worse than yesterday and all the days before. The little mirror in my locker had arrows pointing even more words on it. I run to the bathroom and break down crying. I make sure to lock the door. I sit there and hear a toilet flush. Dang it. The person in here will probably see me crying and make fun of me. Four stalls open to reveal my bullies. Ughhhh, they planned this. They knew those words hurt me and that I'd run somewhere. I locked me and my bullies in here. They all had grins on their faces. I was so scared. Jacks not here to stop it so it will keep going and going. They didn't even speak to me and started to punch me. I've gotten so used to it that it doesn't even hurt anymore. My nose starts to bleed and then they pin me against the wall. They start calling me all the words. I try to block them out but it won't work. After them saying the words I see Ebens fist in front of my face and then I black out.

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I did this chapter longer than any of the others, I'm pretty proud of this chapter. (Btw no hate on any of the boys or Eben) Thanks for the support on this story. Are there any other ships you guys would like a book about? Thanks you guys💘💟

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