Chapter One

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   The air was thick and musty, making it hard for the five boys on stage to see. People were loud and quiet at the same time. No one would pay attention to the act.

     Paul finished singing the last line and began to speak once again, announcing the next song. "Thank you for coming out tonight,"

     He paused to look back at John. John was his best mate. Or so, he thought. Lately him and John hadn't been as close as they once were, ever since he invited his friend Stuart, from his art school to be their bassist.

     John and Stuart were inseparable. Just like Paul and John were during their high school days. Paul and John did everything together. And now he was invisible and replaced by Stu.

     Hell, John hadn't even consulted Paul to ask him if it was okay if they let his art school "buddy" join the band. When Stu magically showed up to practice one day, Paul flipped out. And you know what John said?

     "Calm down, Macca,"

     Calm down? Yeah right. I'll calm down when you kick him out of the band, thought Paul. He felt his face go red.

     He was snapped out of his thoughts as soon as John widened his eyes as if to say, "Go on. They're waiting,"

      "Um yeah now we're going to do Roll Over Beethoven." The band began to play, but even as they continued all night long, Paul could not stop his running mind.


   "Nice mumbling up there McCartney," Paul felt a finger tapping on his shoulder so he turned around, only to find the great Stuart Sutcliffe looking down at him with a smirk bigger than the whole pub.

     "Ah, sod off Stu." Was all Paul could come up with. He heard a laugh in the background, knowing it belonged to John.

     "He's only joking Macca," John came up to Paul.

      "Yeah whatever,"

     "Well, me and Stu are gonna stay down here and celebrate with some whiskey!" John exclaimed while slapping his hand onto Stuart's shoulder. Paul internally rolled his eyes. 

     "Yeah, I'm gonna go upstairs and get some rest," Paul wearily said, pretending to be sleepy.

      "Aw, does Princess Paulie need his beauty rest?" John said in a girlish voice, making Stuart burst into loud laughter.

      Paul sighed and began to walk up the stairs to where their rooms were. He shared a room with George, but had no idea where he went. He didn't care though, he just wanted to be alone.

     He soon reached the tiny room, if you could even call it that and slipped in. It was a dark and dusty room with two beds on top of each other and one bathroom right next to the beds. It wasn't the best living conditions, but it would have to do for now if they ever wanted to make a living.

    Paul climbed into the bottom bunk and stared around the room for a minute. He slowly began to feel drowsy as he rested his eyes and sleep fell upon him.


     John took a big chug of his whiskey in front of him as he laughed uncontrollably. At what, he didn't know. But he was happy right there with his mate.

     But something was missing. Paul. Even while he was drunk, John's heart still managed to find a way back to Paul. That's why he pushed him away.

     He had feelings for him. Feelings he didn't understand, but he knew they were wrong. He needed to push those feelings away. And in order to do that, he had to push Paul away.

    But he couldn't kick him out of the band. That was too harsh, even for John. He just had to get someone new to hangout with. Someone who would get him mind off Paul. And that person was Stu. But he obviously wasn't doing a good job.

     "John. John. JOHN." He felt a hand shaking him and he drooled on himself and pulled the hand away.

      "What?" He slurred.

     "John you're too drunk to be here," It was Stuart who was speaking to him.

     "No I'm not," John argued back. "I've only had one drink."

     Stuart chuckled. "You've had four,"

     Has it really been that long? John thought. Have I really been that stupid?

     "I'm taking you upstairs to Paul,"

     The words leaving from Stu's mouth made John freeze. He couldn't go up there. He couldn't.

     "I'm not going up there," John crossed his arms and poured like a little child throwing a temper tantrum.

     " Yes, you are." Stuart replied as he began to drag John up the stairs, causing them to trip with every step they took.


     Paul was awoken by the light of the hallway creeping in through the door. He saw two figures. One standing up straight and the other slouching and looking as if he couldn't walk. They were whisper shouting at each other.

     Paul lifted his head off of the pillow. "Stu? John?"

A/n: So that was it. Not my best since I was much younger, but you guys can decide. Thanks for reading! -Liz :)

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