The House of Sparta

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You opened your eye's as the morning light shown through your window and hit your eye's. You blinked a couple times before turning over. Something pink rubbed against your cheek and your eye's adjusted to see a nipple.

Oh, it's just a nipple....










Wait, A NIPPLE!!!!!

You quickly felt your cheeks heat up. You tried backing up and felt a pair of hands bush your head in between the main source of the nipples. You looked up and saw red strands of hair, and there's no way you could misplace them. You looked up and saw Rias's eye's looking at yours.

Rias "Oh, morning Y/n."

Oh, g-g-good morning? Why are you in my bed naked?

She crawled on top of you, her bare breasts staring at you. 

Rias "Well, by the time I got here you were already asleep so I helped myself."


Rias "Say, we've still got some time before we got to get up out of bed."

A smile appeared on her face.

Rias "Something sexy could happen."

U-Uh, wait.....hold, rewind time.

Their was a knock on the door, a familiar voice coming through.

Asia "Y/n, are you awake yet? We've got to and get Issei for morning training."

You breathed a sigh of relief.

Thank you Asia, you just saved my life.

Rias turned towards the door. 

Rias "Asia could you please give us a couple minutes? Me and Y/n are still in bed."

The door opened and Asia stood their, looking at you with only a pair of shorts on and Rias next to you ass naked.

U-Uh, guten morgen?

Rias "I hope your doing well this morning."

Asia began walking in while taking off her shirt.

Asia "I swear i won't be left out anymore."

her bare chest plopped out as she took off her shirt.

NO BRA!?!?!?


You were walking home after school, Asia had gone ahead of you after you jumped out of the second story window this morning with Rias to fix it. 

Man, it's kind of like those two have begun some kind of sibling rivalry with me. It's going to get old fast, especially now that Rias moved in with us. 

You walked up to the front door and opened it up. You walked in and took off your shoes, then walked right up to your room. You opened the door and saw the whole ORC club sitting their. You stopped and they all looked at you. 

What are you guys doing in my room?

Rias "The old school building is having it's annual spring cleaning, as a result we couldn't meet their. Don't you think your slick, you were going to skip out on the meeting today weren't you?"

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