Mine Part 1

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Lila's POV...

Me, Janey and the boys have always been the ones to make school exciting for everyone. Ever since I met her when I first started school together, we have been friends. Everyone thinks that Janey is a real quiet sort of girl who is an easy push over.

That is your first mistake. Not once you get to know her anyway. She is the kind of girl who doesn't take crap from anyone regardless of who that is. But she and I became friends with each other from practically the first day we met. 

Then we met the three boys. Drake, Ben and Cole.

Drake turned out after a few years, once we got to high school, of being a dick. Literally, that is. He was after a while, a self centered entitled moron who though life should have been handed to him on a platter... because his mummy said so. I had to slap him down a couple of times when he thought to cop a feel of mine or some girls shorts. He was an utter dickhead who thought it was his right to educate us.

Yeah, right. I quickly persuaded him otherwise as did Janey who gave him both a black eye and a split lip. I just gave him something uncomfortable to sit on, swollen balls. But he eventually gravitated away from us when we all hit fourteen years of age. That was when his hormones kicked in and he went after as other many girls as he could. So, after a while, it was just us two girls with Ben and Cole, who I considered to be mine.

So, when you saw one of us around town doing something, you would normally see the other three of us tagging along. We were always seen about the place together for whatever reason be it school, shopping, or the movies. We even went down to the river fishing a few times. When the weather was warm, we would take our bathers with us and do some swimming while down there.

 Whatever it was we did, we did it all four together.

Plus, Ben and Cole were cousins. So, they would naturally gravitate to each other anyway since the families did spend a lot of time together during the year. They even went on those long big family camping trips you hear of some families going on. We got invited to join them a few times and we have to say that we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was certainly different from the camping trips Daddy took us on. Those trips included cabins and service provided.

So, camping with Cole and Ben was different. But we enjoyed it.

I always smile at that first conversation Jane and I had about those two boys. Jane said that when she grows up, she was going to make Ben her own. I know how she felt because I felt the same way about Cole. He is mine and he knows it. And, if he does not, then he damn well should by now. What is mine, stays mine and I do not share. Not with anyone.

I can still remember the first time that Dad met the boys. It always brings a smile to my face when I remember that time so long ago. I knew that he was feeling all protective and such as dad's usually are where their little girls are concerned. But, Cole and Ben were not your typical boy to bring home, as my parents found out.

They were shorter than us the first time they saw them and their hormones had started kicking in with acne making it's ugly appearance with the two of them. Me and Jane always had some creams to use and we used them on the boys who were nice enough to let us. Mostly while holding them down. Sometimes, even sitting on them to get them to keep still. 

But I knew that once they were past that pimply stage, they would shoot up a bit more and their skin would clean itself when their hormones would finally balance themselves out. I can just see how handsome they would be when that happens and I was looking forward to it.

Dad just ignored us after that. Not so my mother. She was very protective where I was concerned. Especially when her parents were around. I couldn't help but watch them all sometimes and even I knew that there was something not right about them. 

When I became a teenager, that was when life around me went to hell thanks to my grandfather dying like he did and my grandmother going to the top floor. As in losing her marbles. Maybe she left her marbles a long time ago. But the person she became after grandfather died was someone  never knew or ever wanted to know.

Mother never knew it, but grandmother tried to turn me against her, my own dear mother, every chance she could get. But I was not having a bar of it. I have to tell her off a couple of times when she became so unreasonably obsessive about me.

But what she did after that will always leave me with the nightmares as memories. It was my grandmother who kidnapped me after doping me up on one visit. I didn't really know what she was like. Mother did as I found out later. 

Mother always knew and that was why she was so protective just like Daddy was.

Daddy was protective to the greatest degree. I can barely remember what he did to actually save me that last time. But my Daddy really did save me. I have a few scars to show from the fire that grandmother started. 

But the biggest scar was the emotional one I got after watching  from when my father literally threw me out of the window he busted open to get inside to me and then tossed me out of after which, my mother dragged me across the lawn from the old house clear enough away so that we watched through the thick black smoke as Daddy didn't come out.

We thought that him being the nice man that he was, he was trying to save grandmother from the burning inferno that raged and destroyed the old heritage listed cottage that has always been on the property. Along with them both.

Mother was so distraught. That was not helped when we found out not to long before that  with mother getting pregnant and then finding out they were twin boys. Daddy was over the moon. But he still loved me. He always did.

But he died in that fire and mother was so distraught. Those moments were memories I will never forget. Memories I had shared with my friends when they got that bad and I couldn't sleep. 

 I lost my Dad, Warren Peters. And, he was my Dad. 

He really was.

I had known for a while that he was not my biological father. 

My biological father was some kid that mother dallied with when they were both kids. Even he was a kid from what I understand. But he told her to rack off or some such thing when she went looking for him. 

Then I found out who he really was after looking through the newspaper clippings and footage of mothers rescue so many years ago.

My father was Baz, the model.

Sebastian Phillips. I couldn't mistake who he was. I looked just like him.

But Warren Peters was my Dad and he always would be.

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