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Harley stirred around in her sleep as she felt something warm between her legs. A moan escaped her lips as she slowly opened her eyes. She lifted up the white sheet and saw Hassan flicking his tongue against her pussy.

"Good morning." He smiled before kissing her thigh.

"Good morn-" she paused once she felt his tongue again. "Shit!"

He wrapped his arms around her legs and parted her second lips. She bit into her bottom lip and gripped the sheets. He licked his lips and found his way towards her mouth.

"That's a good way to say good morning." She mumbled before kissing him again.

"Oh really?" He smiled.

"Yes-" she paused as he stuck his finger inside her. "Yes!"

He flicked his tongue across her left nipple as he finger fucked her. She pushed his head down to her pussy which made him laugh. She felt the warm sensation as he licked on her pearl. She jolted forward once he found her spot. A spot that made her moan when touched. It didn't take long before her juices came flowing down his tongue and finger.

He sat up and licked his finger. "Get dressed."


"My legs hurt." Harley whined as Hassan drove back towards his grandmother's house. The sun was finally out so he decided to let to top back on the convertible he rented for the weekend.

"I told you. Want me to rub them?" He asked before she nodded her head. He smiled while massaging her thighs the best way he could.

He parked in front of the gate before the security opened it for him. He honked his car horn before driving down the secluded road.

"You're going too far." She told him while looking down at his hand. His hand was right on top of her pussy.

"Really? How far am I?" He smiled, rubbing her hands back and forth against her underwear. She grabbed her arm as she felt butterflies in her stomach.

"T-Too far." She stuttered before biting into her mouth lip. He pulled her panties to the side and stuck one finger inside of her. She gasped and closed her mouth.

"Harley Daniels, you're wet as fuck." He smiled as she gripped his arm.

"S-Stop!" She moaned out and shut her legs.

"Open them." He demanded before she quickly shook her head. "Harley-"

"We're on our way to your grandmother's house Hassan."

"So what. Open your legs." He told her. She did what she was told and he continued to pump in and out of her. Her breathing hitched as his finger curled inside of her.

"We're here." He spoke and quickly slid his finger out of her. She rolled her eyes and corrected herself. He smiled and licked his finger. He opened his door and jogged towards the passenger side door before opening it. Harley exhale slowly and stepped out of the car. Her cheeks were hot and her stomach was in knots.

"Favorite couple!" Monica yelled while walking towards them. "Oh how I've missed y'all. Why are y'all so late?"

"Late? I thought we were right on time?" Hassan questioned as he gave his sister a hug.

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