Chapter 104

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 “Leave!” Luke screamed one last time after he hurled Evelyn out and slammed shut the door.

Ashton had witnessed the power of darkness, taking over the bodies of innocent men and women with kind souls plenty of times during his short, human lifetime. Sometimes, he was the subject of their rage, sometimes the subjects of their rage were other people: men and women of all ages, as long as the subject of their anger possessed less influence and power than them, logic of morals never seem to apply. 

Words of fury had echoed off the walls as Luke rushed Evelyn out of the apartment. Despite having perceived the evils of the world all his life, Ashton couldn’t help but cringe back fearfully at the scene. There was something else lingering in Luke’s eyes as he thrown Evelyn out of their apartment: something opposing the usual anger, aggression, ferocity, and wrath…

“Luke?” Ashton muttered the name of his not-always-so-nice friend. “Luke, I thought you wanted to ask Evelyn questions? Why did you kick her out? She was going to help us find Kainsius! I thought you were going to get info—” he was interrupted before he had the chance to finish the sentence.

“Shut up!” Luke’s watering eyes turned to Ashton and pulled out what Ashton assumed was a lump of rock from his back pocket.

He dashed across the room and placed the object in Ashton’s hand. 

It was a glittering black bullet. Burnt and deformed from its usual shape, but it was a bullet none the less.

Someone must’ve used this bullet, Ashton thought, turning the small chunk of metal over in his hand.

“Don’t know if it is of any worth,” Luke said hastily, he was shifting his weight from leg to leg. His finger trembled, just a little, but they trembled. “But the bitch said Zayn gave this to her, to protect herself probably, so it might have some kind of value and shit.”

“Where did you get it?” Ashton questioned, examining the small object. “What’s going on, Luke? I thought you wanted to ask Evelyn questions and find out where Kainsius is?”

“It’s too late for that. I never should have helped her. I should have let her die… I can’t believe I was so stupid! That girl is the apple of Zayn’s eyes; of course, he wouldn’t let her out of his sight, without security or some sort of reassurance to secure her fυcking safety. How could I be so stupid?”

“Luke!” Ashton hissed the vampire’s name. “What’s going on? Tell me?”

“The less you know the better. Go to Kainsius’s room. You know the code to his vault, right. Hide in there, hide in there, and don’t come out. No matter what happens, don’t come out!” Luke urged. “This is my mess. I made the mistake. You shouldn’t suffer for my mistakes. Go!”

He roughly shoved Ashton towards the direction of the bedrooms.

“No!” Ashton protested. “If something bad is going to happen, I'm helping! I'm not leaving you if something bad is—”before the human could finish his courageous speech of heroism, morality, justice, and friendship, he felt the impact of Luke’s fist against his cheekbone.

“Listen up you little punk, this isn’t the mother-fυcking-damn time to go all fυcking philosopher on me you little punk. Shoo! If you think you leave here to die while I run for the hills, I fυcking will! However, Zayn must’ve seen me when Evelyn walked in. I'm as dead as I can get right now. I’d love to drag you in this pit of quicksand with me, but I need somebody to carry on looking for Kainsius and make sure nothing bad happens to him!” Luke gave Ashton another push. “Shoo you filthy human!”

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