Chapter 7

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Angel POVMay 5,2019Tarzana, California

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Angel POV
May 5,2019
Tarzana, California

I pulled up to my condo after a long day of trying to figure things out when I witnessed my black Mercedes, White Lexus, and Red challenger all get toad away.

I hopped out my car when I saw workers carrying my furniture out.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YALL DOING...HEY HEY don't put that in the grass," I stomped to them.

"Are you Angel Davis," he man asked.


He smiled, "well you can't stay here're way behind on the rent a-

"Excuse you KNOW who I am....I was gonna eventually y'all didn't give me a notice or anything"

He laughed, "we sure did...and we have you on camera throwing it away"

"Where am I gonna live...I can't go to my parents house"

"Oh nooo you don't have to go to your parents house, but you gotta get the hell outta here"

I stood there watching everything happen. I turned to head back to my car when I saw my car being toad down the street.


Lucky I had my purse with me so I pulled out my wallet and saw that I still had cash with me. Looks like I call a Uber to a hotel.

I have a lot of thinking to do tonight.

Once I got to my room I immediately called for the little maids.

"Umm this isn't gonna work," I mugged the room.

"What's wrong?"

"I only sleep on silk first off, then this tv is smaller than your bank account," I rolled my eyes.

"Well you might wanna go to another hotel....we don't have that here"

"Do you know who I am," I frowned at her.

"No....but I know who you USE to be.....Ms.Davis. You and your company stripped me and my late husband from our family business....we use to own a restaurant but you somehow took that away. I hear you don't own shit's life for you," she smiled.

"UGHHHHHH," I yelled storming out the hotel.

Great now I have to pay more for another Uber. The next destination was McDonald's....they're open for 24 hours so why not.

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