16. No More Jobless

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Sorry for boring chapters but they are important ones. :/   


My eyes fluttered opened and I realized that I was sleeping on the cold floor just beside the bed.

I sat up and recalled that I drifted to sleep while thinking about random stuff. I couldn't make up my mind to accept the luxuries provided by the Hobsons, that's why I deliberately slept on the floor.

I had decided to talk with Ashar and try to sort out the differences because there was no way in hell that I would just keep living like that.

There has to be some way.

Last night, Samara told me her reason for leaving her own wedding. There was a guy named Oliver, who was after her since eleven months, claimed that he was in love with Samara.

She didn't accept his heart and thought that Oliver agreed with her decision, that's why they were just on friendly terms. Samara spent time with him because she said she liked Oliver's company. She was attracted to him, but, in a friendly way.

Ashar didn't know about Samara's new friend. Anyways, once Oliver kissed Samara and um...they did more than just kissing. She liked the sensations he gave to her so their make out session lasted longer.

That's what she said.

Samara felt guilty for cheating on her fiancé, so after that, she stopped meeting with her so-called friend. According to her, she realized that day that she had only loved one man and that was her fiancé; Ashar.

Oliver didn't agree with her choice. He began pestering her through calls and texts, asking her to reconsider her decision. But, Sam-

I heard few knocks on the door, interrupted my chain of thoughts.

Brushing my hair with my fingers to untangle them, I walked to open the door.

A middle-aged lady, in a white uniform with a light pink apron on it, stood at the doorway, smiling at me.

"Good Morning, Miss Frances. Your breakfast is here."

I looked down and saw that she was holding a tray in her hands.

Reluctantly, I took it from her and closed the door immediately. I placed the tray on the bed and sat beside it. The breakfast included few brown breads, plain vanilla cupcakes, cheese omelet and some butter.

Although the breakfast was simple, but I just couldn't accept this and act normal as if I was staying in some hotel. Accepting their free services was like going against my principles.

This breakfast was like a charity to me.

Suddenly, an idea popped up in my head and without wasting a single minute, I rushed straight to Matt. Hobsons's study, leaving the food as it was.

I knocked the door of his study room and walked inside. He was sitting on his office chair and going through some files, but then he stopped turning pages of the file and gazed at me.

He narrowed his eyes at me, before fixing them again on the file.

"What do you want? If you're here to argue with me about your stay here then I would advise you to leave because that conversation was over."

"No. I'm here to discuss something else."

"Go on." He didn't look at me and glued his eyes on the file he was holding.

"I want my job back." I slurred.


"I want to continue work as a cook here." I explained, "You'll not let me work anywhere else and I can't accept your financial favors this way. My integrity doesn't allow me."

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