Grell x depressed reader High school AU

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Chapter 1

You awoke Monday morning to your 6:30 alarm going off

"Shit!!!" You shouted, realising you were running late

You brushed your h/c hair and hastily slapped on a black shirt, ripped red skinny jeans and your favourite black converse high tops, along with some black and white striped arm warmers

Once you had your bookbag, you were out the door, in your car, and on the road within the next few minutes

For some reason, your nerves were on edge, to calm yourself, you turned to the only available option, music

Once you were at a stoplight you pulled out your iPod and scrolled through your grell playlist till you stopped at a song

Song: Christmas / Sarajevo 12/24 ( instrumental

Group: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

It's out of place in a playlist that's otherwise dominated by rock, pop and other things, but it serves its purpose and quickly calms you down

You sigh at the thought of another day being chased, hated, depressed, and lonely. Someday, you thought, someday this will change

Little did you know that the day would be today

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