Chapter 15 - The Last Push

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Time had passed and ten days remained before the Dead Moon. Seth had skipped a lot of class for it soon wouldn't matter - he would most likely be dead. Daniel had reformed and headed to the Slayers lair only to find the place completely abandoned. Seth did the same with The Order suite and the entire building had been evacuated of reapers and humans were staying there. Even as Seth could sense someone in distress, he would head to their location and watch as they were either dying or killed and no reaper appeared to reap their soul out. The number of ghouls had increased in the city. Daniel had mentioned that it was their way of allowing the dirt to pile up before wiping everything out. But Seth wondered where wanderers would even hide if the reapers of the Underworld would sweep the entire planet. 
One thing was for sure - Seth felt more alone than ever.

One night, as he finished washing the dishes at his home, his sister lay asleep on her homework and he woke her up to go to bed.
Seth armed the house's alarm and lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling. He replayed the entire battle in his head again. He could still feel Abbie's essence stabbing into him, but less painful. It was amazing how her essence lingered. 
He was still angry at Kuro - a lot about his life wouldn't have been like this if he... If he had just let me become a ghoul that night. Or rather, if Kuro had let the reapers do their job, would he have gone to Heaven? Did Heaven even exist?
Surely if reapers did, and Seth was living proof of that, then did angels exist? Because Maxine, a demon, existed.

A bullet shot into Seth's room through the window, piercing his wall. He leapt out from his vessel and stood at attention. The bullet hole glowed a bright blue.
It flowed and stretched on the surface of the wall, forming into a map. A dot of essence blinked on one location and knowing the city well, Seth knew this location. He pivoted and headed to his window, peering over the windowsill to see the shooter. 
But a reaper with a gun? Did that even exist?
Seth was up for almost anything in the boredom he was experiencing and opened his window and headed to the location. 

Earlier that day, the world had simply continued as it always did. To those that it mattered, the Dead Moon was the reason for them to stop their mundane lives and hide from the sweep that the Underworld would bring upon them. More could be said about the upcoming elections in Russia. The president-elect, Sandra Artyomova, walked up to the podium to give her inaugural speech to her people. Once all of it was done and she had clearly won the hearts of Russia, she moved into her new office and settled in her seat. Her guards were posted in each corner of the office with a few more outside. 
She reclined her chair and smiled, closing her eyes. Drops of blood fell on her forehead and she opened her eyes to see a mutilated body strapped to the ceiling, the body being wrapped up in gauze. She screamed and wondered how nobody noticed it as they entered the room but the guards just stood and did nothing. 
In through the door walked a wolf, spectral as if also made of celestial light. Behind it was two men, one dressed in a reaper's cloak and the other with a long black coat with a scarf covering their face up to their eyes. The cloaked man wielded twin blades which he put together and they formed into one scythe. He placed it on his back and the weapon vanished as if becoming a part of him. 
"May I?" the man pointed to a chair and took a seat. Sandra's back was against the window and she feared for her life. It was far too early for presidential assassinations, especially since she couldn't fathom who would want her dead. But the man who spoke clarified that.
"51% of the votes went to you, yet there were more votes for your opposing candidate on the day of voting." 
Sandra was too scared to speak, still wondering how these three slipped in through all of the security in the building, and why the guards in her office didn't move. She looked to the wolf that was pacing around the room. 
Was this set up?
The coated man held his hand out to her and in his palm a pistol formed, pointing at her head.
She struggled to breathe at the rise of fear in her heart and began begging.
"I'll give you anything you want! Please!" she pleaded.
"Great." The cloaked man said and the coated man shot, splattering the insides of her head all over the window. The wolf shifted shape into a man.
"This," he said as each guard fell to the ground in pieces, "is boring as fuck. Why does this matter when the Dead Moon is so close?"
"We make money regardless, Syn," the cloaked man said, "She had a bounty on her head. Rather we claim it first, cash it out, before some Slayer does."
"When has a Slayer ever been an issue for us, Thamz?" Syn replied as he undressed one of the guards outside who were not diced up by Thamz's blades.
"That's beside the point. Plus, we're meant to be keeping a low profile."
"Yeah well, explain that to Knicron who emptied her brains out."
The coated man looked back and shot a glance at Syn, then continued wiping the window without a word.
The entire building lay quiet as every human in and around it were killed. These three left nothing behind - no trace of evidence or witnesses whatsoever.
Syn looked at the clock on the desk, "Shit. It's almost time for our next job. Was hoping to catch a bite."
"We have a lot of setting up to do," Thamz said and thought for a bit, "Knicron, go and fetch the boy. Simply give him the location. Don't make contact with him until he arrives."
Knicron nodded and vanished out of sight.
"I wonder what this Seth has Kuro so excited for," Thamz said.

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