Chapter 13

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Jason's POV (After Taylor went outside and Before Rosco stormed outside)

I stared after Taylor as she went outside, clutching our son to her chest. James grew a cute pout on his face as Taylor laid down on the ground, James on her chest. 

'Go out there you idiot!' my wolf growled. 

'Give them mother/son bonding.' I growled back. 

'Family bonding time.. What happened to that!? Or, mate bonding time?' my wolf asked. 

I didnt reply and shut him out, just continued to look at my mate and our son as they locked eyes and started talking. 

After watching them for about half an hour, I felt arms wrap around my neck, and the smell of heavy perfume hit my nose. 

"Hello Jason." I heard Sierra purr in my ear, as she dragged her finger across my chest. 

"Dont touch me Sierra." I growled, and threw her arms off of me. 

She walked in front of me and put her hands on my thighs, "Dont be like that Jay.." she whimpered, before a smirk grew on her face. "You know, I was so sad when I heard about Taylor's mother." 

I raised an eyebrow as suspition grew inside me, "How do you know about Taylor's mom. Did Rosco tell you?" I asked. 

"He didnt have to tell me anything.. I was there." her smirk grew. 

I narrowed my eyes,"What do you mean you were there?" I growled, standing up. 

"Exactly that!" she growled, pushing me back down. "I. Was. There. When her poor mother was murdered." I took in a sharp breath when I realized what she was saying, and I tried to stand again. But she pushed me down again, "Uh uh, you stay right here mister." 

"Get off me." I hissed. 

"Nope." she giggled. 

"You killed Taylor's mother.. That's goes against pack laws." 

"Her mother was a rogue.. I had every right to kill her." 

"Was she on our land?" I snarled. 

"No.. But she was close... To close! She could have hurt my child." Sierra smiled. 

"Your daughter wasnt even born when Sage died.. When you killed her." I growled. 

"So?" Sierra raised her eyebrows. "She could have hurt me, which could have hurt my child.. I couldnt risk her getting hurt.. Rosco would have been devistated." 

"What do you want from me?" I asked. 

She chuckled lightly, before looking at me with a seductive look, "You."

I stared at her wide eyed, "You do know, Taylor is my mate right? And that I will never get back with you.. Never!" 

"Like you could stop me." she laughed, "What you going to do? Call Taylor for help? Or Rosco?" 

I growled. "Get away from me." 

She laughed again before smashing her lips to mine. She pulled away for a second to say, "You dont kiss me back, Taylor is going end up just like her little mommy.. Dead." before kissing me again. 

I gulped in fear.. Sierra would kill Taylor, my mate.. If I didnt kiss her. I sighed inside my head, before gripping her head and kissing her back. I would do anything to keep my mate safe. 

"What the fuck is going on here!?" 

I pushed her away and looked at the door. Rosco stared at us in horror and anger. 

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