Chapter 7

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"Grant...just let me go. I don't understand...we are supposed to be family, and—"


In a matter of seconds, his hands slammed on either sides of me and I was trapped between him. I couldn't help the sob that escaped my lips and tear that slipped down my face.

"You are not family. Your sister is a whore...and you are going to be the one to pay for it. Now, quit trying to escape and do as I say...or I'll start to get angry, sweetheart." I whimpered, but nodded my head pathetically.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked.

"Get the fuck in my car. Now!" he shouted, making me flinch. I nodded. By now my face was soaked in tears. I was terrified. Who wouldn't be? He's such a powerful man, especially with law enforcement behind him. Could anyone really save me from this, from him? Could I? I was starting to think the answer is 'no'.

With more strength than he needed to use, he gripped my arm and shoved me out the door. He dragged me down the pathway that led to his car. It was some sort of black convertible, with the hood up. He pushed me into his vehicle, then proceeded to hop into the drivers side and start his engine.

From there on, it seemed like a blur. I remember begging him to take me home and leave me be, until his screamed at me to shut up. So, out of complete and total fear, I did as he sad. I felt like I was in shock. It felt like my body was numb. That is, until he pulled up to a house. It could have been one minute or five hours...I can't remember how long it took us to get here.

"Grant, please..."

"Shut the fuck up, Vivian!" he screamed at me. Which made more tears start to pour down my cheeks. Instead of opening up my side door to get me out, he dragged me over to his side and pulled me out with him.

I was suddenly aware of how fucking unbelievably huge he is. Now that I'm alone, at his mercy, and completely, utterly terrified of him, his size, strength, and power were all too aware to me. He made me look tiny, insignificant...weak. I feel weak. I feel insignificant...I feel tiny standing next to him, which isn't something you want to feel in this kind of situation.

Grant yanked me through a the gate to this random home. He turned around to lock it, letting go of my arm. I ran towards the door and tried to open it. Maybe I could lock him out. I felt him grab my arm, turn me around, and pin my body against the glass door.

"Help! Please, somebody—" I was suddenly cut off by his lips slamming into mine. He pulled away, smirking at me with complete arrogance. I didn't care at this point, so I continued shouting, "Please! Please, help me! Somebody! Help—!" before being cut off again.

This time, the kiss was longer, harder. He bit my lip,, demanding entrance to my mouth. I denied, so he bit me harder until I tasted a coppery taste. It made me gasp from the pain and he took his chance to delve his tongue inside my mouth. He pulled away slowly, still wearing that arrogant smirk.

"I said shut up. No one can hear you, so there's no use."

"Grant, please..."

"Keep begging, sweetheart. It just makes me want to fuck you into begging me for more," he growled, leaning forward to bite my ear. I gasped, my heart rate speeding up to the max.

His warm lips nipped down my neck, giving special attention to my chest, before he ripped my shirt down the middle. Before I even had time to react, his lips had already moved to my breasts.

"Mmm..." I started to moan, but quickly bit my lip to stifle the sound. This was so, so wrong. He's a crazy and insane lunatic.

Grant stood back to his full height, towering over me dominantly. He seemed to be breathing hard, which was curious since we hadn't done any strenuous exercise.

"Fuck it," he muttered, grabbing onto my hand and rushing me through the house. There didn't appear to be a second floor, but it was an extremely large home nonetheless.


"Shut up," he growled. He dragged me through a pair of dark wood, double doors, into a bedroom. It was modern, with a wood, white theme. The king sized bed in the middle made me gulp in fear. Why did he bring me to the bedroom of all places?

"No," I said finally. He looked down at me as if I'd called him the worst name possible.

"What....did you say?" he asked through gritted teeth.

"I said, no. I won't shut up. I won't stay here. I won't be greeted some toy for you to play with. I'm not a play thing, Grant! I'm a woman who deserves to be treated with respect," I shouted, flinging my arms into the air in frustration. He still had a firm grip on my elbow.

"I'm well aware of your womanhood. In fact, allow me to show you just how much I do know of it. Or don't. I don't really care, because I'll do it anyway."

In one swift move, he had me up in his arms bridal style and was making his way across the room to place me on the bed. He wasn't gentle in setting me down, he flung me onto the soft sheets in a rough manner. I felt his large hands reaching to yank my bottoms off in one go.

"N-no, don't-" He places a hand over my mouth, effectively silencing me, before reaching over to his night stand and grabbing a piece of cloth. He moved his hand just to shove the cloth into my mouth and tie it behind my head. "Mm...arg..." I tried talking, but the damn thing made it impossible.

I still tried to fight him off, but he acted as if he felt none of my hits or kicks. He grabbed beneath my knees and pushed them to lay flat on my chest. I couldn't even see what he was doing now, but-oh! I felt his hot, smooth tongue licking up and down my clit.

"Ahh!" I gasped through the annoying cloth. I didn't want to admit that someone like him could make something like this feel so damn good. It was a thousand times better than my fingers. My legs were shaking as I orgasmed. He still continued his assaults even after I came, which caused my body to twitch and shake.

Right before I could reach my second orgasm, I started feeling dizzy. It caused me to feel nauseous before darkness took over and I passed out...

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