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sequel to 'the good girl': 'the heartbreaker' — chapter five

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sequel to 'the good girl': 'the heartbreaker' — chapter five

"i'm just so tired to share my nights, i wanna cry and i wanna love, but all my tears have been used up."

his hands were all over her as they stumbled through the front door to his house, travelling up her spine and back down to her hips as his lips devoured her neck.

he knew his parents weren't home and wouldn't be for another four days so he genuinely wasn't too worried about that. the only thing that mattered in that current moment was the pulsing in between his thighs. his undeniable craving for the same spot between millies own thighs.

without separating their lips, finn had managed to slide the lock on his front door singlehandedly as the other caressed millies body with not a hint of mercy.

he knew that this was a short period of vitriolic passion that was solely based on making each other feel good for the time being, and as the days passed they would realise the mistake they had made and it would lead to an infinite war between the two as the both maliciously back their own sides with fury.

he knew that it wouldn't be a permanent state of happiness that he would be able to endure but a quick 30 minute facade was an offer he was ready to pass up. he needed her, in ways that he was unable to say to her.

he wanted to show her he loved her without using words because words were too venomous and there was a lot she didn't and shouldn't know.

he was okay with this just being a one night thing, though they both know that's never just what this was. his bare skin against hers was a magnetism of warmth that she couldn't repel even if she had so badly wanted to.

as both theirs heats connected under the sheets, millie couldn't help but let a tear slip from her eye. she so badly wanted this to be a reality. she so badly wished he hadn't hurt her and he so badly wished he could have the courage to tell her the truth.

it didn't matter though, not now. not in a moment so intimate. so intense. he just wanted to feel her again, no strings attached.

after all this was a trait of theirs. getting so high on each others hate that they would act it out in a way that wasn't so hateful. making love. they had only done it once together before but that didn't change the euphoria that it brung upon them.

the memories that rung true. the fact that he still loved her. and she still loved him. nothing had changed other than the fact that things had change and millie and finn as a couple wasn't an option any more. not even in an alternate universe. not even in their dreams.

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