Part Three - 29 - Kala

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"Log entry... Hum, 301. I am Kala Acker. (music in the background) I'm sorry if I sound a little off... I think I am drunk. I crashed a party... My ship had been compromised, and I knew some Ushus were on my tracks. So, when a private small cruiser appeared on my radar, I didn't hesitate. Some rich people were...having a party in a nebula. I boarded and gave them a choice between the void of space...or my ship. (snort) They all chose my ship. I quite like my new acquisition. It has a bar and a dancefloor. It's not really inconspicuous, but it will do for now. Moira and Memphis would be proud of me, I finally got drunk! My metabolism is really fast, so I had to drink a LOT to get there. (silence) I thought alcohol was supposed to be fun. But I just lonely. I guess it's only fun with the right people...Log entry over. Kala out!"

The captain led the way toward Edwin's ship. Hopper, Memphis, and Kala right behind, their steps making wet noises as their shoes sank into the soggy ground. They left behind the giant pillars, still being hit by lightning as the storm raged in the sky.

Edwin was following Kala like a shadow, too close for comfort. "The Lightning Sprite?" he asked, eyeing the captain, "What do you mean by she is the Lightning Sprite?"

That had been Allan's quick explanation: "What is she? The Lightning Sprite of course," before turning heels and grumbling about getting down to business and honor his end of the deal. Which was surprising, the captain usually had a flair for the dramatic, but apparently being wet and cold dampened his natural tendency for drama.

Edwin, on the other hand, had some to spare. He ran in front of the group and planted his feet in the mud, "Tell me more, I really need to know. What is the Lightning Sprite?"

Allan sighed loudly, "How can you not know...? Oh, right. You've been in the Unknown for how long again?"

"Almost three years," said Edwin.

"Ah, makes sense then. Meet the Lightning Sprite," he pointed to Kala with his thumb "Strongest known mutant in the universe and symbol of the rebellion against the oppressing control of the three nations and so on..." Still not cold and wet enough it seemed, thought Kala, his sense of drama was still ready to come out if poked.

She cringed, "Can you stop calling me that? It's embarrassing. And I'm not sure I am actually the strongest mutant... The universe is quite vast and always full of surprises."

Allan chuckled, "You are the biggest surprise I've ever seen in the universe. And we've seen a lot of it. " Beside him, Memphis nodded.

They started walking again.

Edwin let them pass and came back to stand beside Kala. "It's a... nice name," he said, "We often have those here. In meteorological terms, lightning sprites are massive electrical discharges that..."

"...that appear high in the troposphere, above the thunderclouds," cut Kala. "I know. That's where the nickname comes from. I created some, once or twice before, and the name stuck."

He tripped on his own feet while following her, and Memphis laugh quickly followed. "You... created lightning?" he asked, ignoring the blonde twin for once.

Kala only ever had to explain who she was and what she was once before: to her crew. That had been years ago. For the past two years, people she met along the way just knew who the Lightning Sprite was and what she could do. Videos of her exploits traveled all over the universe at lightspeed. How could she explain it all to someone who had no knowledge of her at all? She stopped walking, and Edwin did too.

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