The Rude, Blunt Kid|Pride

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It was quarter to three and I just finished helping out with sweeping and arranging the chairs in the classroom. I head out and clutched my umbrella to my palms as I stepped down the stairs with the rain resonating in the walls and its' comforting sound while the skies turned dark and grey as the time passes by.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw the kid standing with her hands clutched to the straps of her bag, facing her back to me as she stared at the pouring rain. I continued walking until I was beside her. "You don't have an umbrella?" I asked.

She flinches then turns her head to meet mine, an exasperated look plastered on her face. "You do know you can't just talk to me like that, it startles the geez out of me," then she rolls her eyes. "—and what's it to you if I have an umbrella or not? Does it matter? Will a magical spare umbrella appear out of nowhere?" then her eyes landed on the umbrella clutched to my palm. "—or will you give that to me?"

I chuckle. "You say too much you know? But if you want, I can take you home."

It was her turn to chuckle. "And what makes you think I'd come with you? Being too confident in ourselves, aren't we?"

"You're such a brat," I hiss. "—just say it and we'll go."

She crossed her brows, her eyes then seething with annoyance at me. "I SAID I DON'T WANT TO!''

I sighed and grabbed her arm. "You're too prideful. That's your problem," I say as I press my umbrella wide open and positioned it on top of us as I still held her arm. "—it isn't hard to admit that you need help."

"Tch," she sneers and snatches her arm, then crosses it. "Don't hold my arm, I'm not some child you need to watch over."

"Technically, you are still a child," I reply to her in a matter-of-fact. "—but your prideful attitude would come and bite you, you know?"

She pushes me forward and droplets of rain poured on her hair and shoulders. "You don't know me Marco Diaz," she glares at me. She only calls be by name when she's angry and I felt that I took it too far. I get that it's not easy for her to admit in needing assistance or help but she should also realize that her pride would be her downfall sooner or later. "—what do you know about me anyway? That I'm a brat? A selfish, hurtful person? A judgmental person who thinks she's so superior and has no respect for her elders? If so, then you don't know me at all."

I took a step back and shielded her from the rain, even if she was doused in it for a while. It was a long silence before I broke it. " I don't know you, but I can't just leave you astray."

"I can manage," she mutters. "—you don't have to babysit me, you're just some stranger I met and nothing else."

"You're really just a kid, aren't you?" I say out loud, then faced her with a faint smile. "—fine. I'm sorry princess Star Butterfly, will you forgive this petty, inferior peasant?"

She rolls her eyes. "Tch. So pathetic, but whatever, let's just go."

"Yes M'lady."

Chapter is short since I'm very busy but will come back for a much longer update next week!

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