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Sophia's POV
Before we got into the limo, Titus started fumbling with the back of my dress.

"What are you doing?" I ask trying to see what he was messing with. I felt something click on my dress and the fluffy skirt fell off my body and it became a casual dinner party dress. Suddenly, my legs could breathe.

"H-how did you just do that?" I said turning around and pointing to the skirt on the ground. He lets out a deep chuckle and picks it up off the ground.

"I got the tailor to get it made like that so you could be more comfortable for tonight," he said. I give him a peck on his lips and thanked him. The limo finally came and we got dropped off at the pack hospital.

"Do you think there is anything wrong with me?" I ask Titus quietly. He looks at me with his soft baby blue eyes and shrugs.

"I don't know sweetheart but I hope you and our baby are healthy," he says giving me a kiss on my temple. He wraps his arm around my waist and I lean into him as we walk into pack hospital.

"Alpha, Luna, Beta, Gamma," Doctor Jenny greets. "How may I help you?"

"During the blood oath, there was a problem when Sophia's blood touched Titus'," Brody says. Titus holds up his inflamed hand to show her.

She lightly touched the wound and I had to bite back a growl from my wolf. She didn't like seeing another female's hand's on her male. She quickly pulled her hand back after an audible burn.

"There is definitely silver in that wound," she said. The pack hospital was empty. I wasn't surprised it was quite late at night and everyone had just come out of my Luna ceremony.

"You can go to the end of the hallway and to the room on your right while I get my supplies," she says. We all nod and walk to that room.

"Soph when we get back to your house I need to tell you something," Brody says. I nod but I was confused. Was it something to do with the rouges? Or maybe it was something about his life? Doctor Jenny came in with gloves on her hand and she had a tray of supplies.

"Alpha I have to cut off the infected skin. It will heal instantly and it will remove any silver in your hand," she says. He nods and she grabs a knife and takes his hand and digs the knife in his hand. I rub my thumb up and down his arm to help ease the pain. I saw him wince and I winced a little as his pain mirrored in my palm.

She cuts off the rest of the skin and puts it in a metal pan. Fresh skin started to form already and it looked less inflamed.

"Doctor isn't there a special supplies you keep for the Alpha and Luna?" Jacob suddenly asks. She takes her gloves off and nods.

"Yeah I think Doctor Jones takes care of that room but I can show it to you," she says. The fact that Doctor Jones wasn't back from her "lunch break" was a little suspicious.

She leads us to a back room that smelt normal. It was filled with IV bags, disinfectant, medicine, and a bunch of other medical stuff. Jacob Wales over to an IV bag and carefully and ripped open the top. He carefully stuck his finger inside and it steamed and became red. He instantly flicked out his hand.

"There's silver in these bags," He says.

"Doctor Jones never came back today," I whisper.

"Why the hell can't I smell the silver?" Titis growls. My mind raced with memories of the dungeon then something clicked in my mind.

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