Her Violet Eyes - Part 3

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The car ride was boring. I watched the trees pass me by in a blur, when i tried to focus on one i had to turn my head and follow it quickly other wise it just melded in with the rest of the green ferny ness that proved to me human inhabitance was almost non existant. It had been 6 hours and i had maybe traveled 540km, i still had another 5 hours do go.

I must have fallen asleep because the driver - a nice balding man of 40 who was the Principals personal driver- opened my door and we were at a road house, i had no idea how we got there.

I ate in silence contemplating what my school was going to be like, would the kids accept me?, would i make friends and chat about the teachers i hated and the classes i loved? When would i see my mum again, would jeff look after her?, would i get a boyfriend?

"Miss Chance?"

Harold (the driver) interupted my inner contemplation, and stared at me... he had asked me a question.

"uhm.. sorry what did you say before?"

"i asked you Miss if you had finished your food, we only have 2 more hours to go"

His voice hinted at his excitement, he must really like the school if anyone that age could get excited about it.

When i thanked the nice lady who had given me a free cupcake and left the store, i noticed the gas station and bus stop outside... it seemed to me that this was the only real stop for the people who lived here, must be a tiny town... I looked around me, i couldn't see any houses amongst the dense trees that almost suffocated the road house.... where was everyone?

we drove for a couple more hours and still no school in sight just a whole lot of forest. Harold had lied.

"Harold... what is Henningway High School for the Gifted and Talented like?"

god that was a mouth full..

"Miss chance, just call it Henningway's or HHSGT. It's a wonderful learning institution for students such as yourself, the teachers im sure will provide extra material so you can catch up on the subjects you have missed out on. The food is good aswell"

gee thanks Harold, thank you so much for telling me All about it, i mean you pretty much covered everything didn't you buddy. God i don't know anything about this school.

At this point Harold noted my silence -which brought an abrupt end to our conversation- and kept on driving... Another hour and i started to think i should reallyget over my negativity. It's not Harolds fault i got kicked out of school, its not his fault he has to drive me here, and its definatly not his fault its taking so long. Positive thoughts from now on, rainbows, lollipops, hot guys, ice cream, gorgeous guys, music, more hot guys, cupca-

The jolt of the car and screeching wheels brought my positive thoughts to an end. It was roughly 8 o'clock at night and road was surrounded by a dense thick wall of trees, i didn't know why we stopped.

"Harold... whats going o-

My scream answered my question.

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