the one with dinner

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Felix and Changbin both nearly fell over when Chaseul ran in and scared them.

"Well, you two seem awful close," he observed. "Well, uh... Once you guys are done acting like a gross old married couple, I want you to come downstairs and meet my girlfriend."

He ran out, his footsteps thundering down the stairs loudly as he reentered the room, drawing everyone's attention to him. As usual.

"Did I forget to mention my brother's become an annoying frat boy?" Changbin asked. "Because my brother's become an annoying frat boy." Felix laughed and placed a hand on Changbin's shoulder.

"At least he's being nice today. Come on, cutie pie, let's go." He pressed a quick kiss to Changbin's nose and ran down the stairs giggling. The older boy ran after him and just as they both entered the kitchen, Changbin caught up with his boyfriend. He picked the younger boy up by the waist, spinning in a circle as they both laughed.


They both looked up. The blonde boy was the first to speak. "You okay?" Changbin kept his arms wrapped around Felix's waist and grabbed his hands.

Chaseul rolled his eyes at the gesture and then grumbled, "If you're done with your little demonstration here, I'd like to introduce you to Annie."

She was tall and thin, with blonde hair and a spray tan. She looked like a Barbie. After an awkward silence as she stood and stared at the couple, everyone sat down for dinner. The atmosphere was tense, but no one was quite sure why.

Annie was the first to speak. "So, how long have you two been friends?" She pointed between Changbin and Felix with her fork, chewing loudly as she waited for an answer.

"Pretty much forever," Haeji answered for them, "And how about you two? How long have you been together?"

She sighed with a smile on her face and leaned on Chaseul's shoulder, putting a hand on his chest. "Three weeks now." She was practically swooning over him as she retold their story. "We met in our geography class, and we fell in love so quickly. He gave me a pen, and then after a week he broke up with his girlfriend for me, and we've been together ever since. Isn't it romantic?"

Changbin scoffed.

"You got something to say, Bin?" Chaseul asked, clearly irritated.

"I just think it's unfair to both Annie and your previous girlfriend that you were dating both of them at the same time," Changbin said, "Even if it was only for a week, that's kind of a shitty thing to do."

Felix and Haeji both nodded slightly. Annie nervously touched Chaseul's shoulder and whispered, "Hey, babe, I need a smoke. Come outside with me?"

He nodded and they both stood, promising that they'd be back soon.

As soon as they left, Mrs. Seo laughed. "I knew this would be a mess, but this is nowhere near as bad as I expected. I thought he was gonna try to fight Felix again!"

All three of them laughed together, chatting casually as they continued to eat. Eventually, Chaseul and Annie came back inside, dragging the scent of their smoke with them. Haeji scowled at her son disapprovingly, but he only ignored her and announced, "Hey, here's to being together again." He raised his glass to the center of the table, and everyone else mimicked his actions.

Changbin sipped his juice quietly, wishing he could drink with his brother again. But he knew it was a bad idea, and he promised Felix he'd get better. He drank the rest of what was in his glass and watched his mother talking with Annie.

Felix stood and put a hand on Changbin's shoulder. "Do you want some more juice? I figured I'd get more for you since I'm up anyway."

Chaseul snorted. "Juice? Damn, Bin, I thought you were fun. Has Little Lix over there turned you into a square? Come on, do a couple shots with me, just like old times."

Felix and Changbin both tensed. They were uncomfortable, and had both just been insulted. "Dude, I don't drink anymore," Changbin stated. "I'm doing way better since I've stopped."

"Boo! Lame." Chaseul only continued to mock his younger brother. "Shoot, man. I guess Felix finally managed to make you boring like he is. If you're adopting Felix's personality, just don't pick up his two worst traits: gay and annoying."

Changbin's fists clenched at his sides. "Listen, I'd appreciate if you would stop talking about my boyfriend that way. He's not boring, and he's not annoying. And I'm glad he's gay, because I'm in love with him, and he's important to me." He took a shaky breath before he continued. "And don't act like it's a bad thing to be like Felix. He's perfect."

Chaseul had drank far too much already, and he was only drinking more and more as he started to rant at his brother and mom. "Bro, you're gay? Gross. And of all people, you had to be gay for him?! Mom, I can't believe you let all of this happen. Don't you love Changbin? Don't you have any self respect? You have to put a stop to this." He slurred his words and flung his hands around, sloshing liquor all over the kitchen.

"Okay," Haeji spoke up, "You need to stop. Changbin, you and Felix can go upstairs. He's already drunk, so there's no use in you talking to him now. You two can fix things in the morning."

The blonde boy returned to his boyfriend's side and glared at Chaseul before pressing a quick kiss to Changbin's lips. Chaseul only groaned in annoyance as the two younger boys ran upstairs hand in hand.

They sat on the floor in Changbin's room, with Felix's head in the other boy's lap. They enjoyed the comfortable atmosphere once they were finally alone again. Changbin leaned down and kissed Felix again. The Australian giggled and grabbed both of Changbin's hands, pressing them against his heart.

From downstairs, they heard glass shatter and Haeji shouting.

"Chaseul!" She screamed, "Sit back down. I told you, we're going to discuss this once you're sober. Now eat your fucking pasta and go to bed."

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