Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

AT EXACTLY three in the afternoon ng makarating ako sa opisina ng aking ama. I parked my car first before i rode on his personal elevator. Buti nalang at may extra siyang damit sa kaniyang locker dahil kung wala, mapapagalitan nanaman siya ng kanyang ama.

His dad is way different than the others. I can't say that he's strict cause he is but, in different way. Let's just say that Xyleena got her traits from dad.

I was snapped form my deep thoughts when the elevator bells, Telling me that I'm already on the President's Floor.

President's Floor is my dad's office. There's two side of the hallway, the left side is the Conference Room for the stockholders. The right side is all sound-proof glass wall, Also a bulletproof glass. Dad wants this because he wants everyone feel that he's not hiding and is, responsible on his duties. Hindi ko alam kung anong connect nun. If everything runs well on company then, that means he's responsible on running this company right?

Henry Aldous St. Louis is a billionaire, holds a conglomerate that some of them is the main source of economic stock in the Philippines. Although he's that rich, Me and Xyleena are not born with a golden spoon, Lahat ng bagay na gusto namin dapat may achievements kaming nakukuha before we have that 'thing' we want and desire.

And after all these years, i can say that he is still the bast dad for me.

HABANG naglalakad ako patungo sa dulong corner ng hall, which is dad's office, ay napansin kong may kausap siyang babae kasama si mom. I can't see fully the girls face but with her body built, i can say that she's on twenty's. Tall, Black haired girl. She's not petite, yet not that voluptous. And by the sight of that, my friend 'below' hardened suddenly. What the fck.

After a year, my 'thing' down here is alive again. I suddenly felt guilt and disgust to myself. Am i expecting that the girl a year ago will be the only one who can drive me insane, especially my friend down here?


Papasok na sana ako ng biglang tumunog ang phone ko sa aking bulsa. Damn timing, damn!

I moved backward and face the other side of hall then check who's the freaking caller.

Crazy Dale calling...

"Make sure this is important, you lovesick fool" I snarled at Dale

"What would you do if the girl you love runs away from you?"

I stilled. I can hear the seriousness based on his tone. Sigurado ako na hindi ito ang Dale na kilala ko pag nasa university kami.

"Wait for her" I sighed. Yeah. I'm still waiting for her.

"What would be the assurance that she will come back to you?" I can hear his ragged breath. Is he drunk?

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