30- Tour

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I was just on the top of my career .

I was on tour and my next stop is Brazil.

My home . Where I was born .

And I couldn't be any more happy to go back there .

Brazil was my home , I have wanted to go back there for a while to see my family and friends.

To be able to walk in the streets like I used to before I signed a record deal.

I now my tour is stopping in Brazil for my last concerts of it.

And I will be taking a vacation here .


"Thank you Rio ! " I yelled ending my last concert of the tour .

I went backstage taking a bottle of water chugging it down fast.

"Well someone is a fast drinker "

I heard a smooth manly voice from behind me .

I turned around and looked at the man with shades covering his eyes.

A fast look at his attire and i knew who he was.

"And aren't you a fast forward ?"

I raised an eyebrow .

He chuckled removing his shades showing his beautiful hazel eyes .

"How did you know who I am?" He questioned.

"Well there is only one person that I know that has this style of clothing Neymar Jr ."

I replied crossing my arms smiling .

I was Brazillian and love football so take a guess.

Neymar Jr is my favourite footballer and I am actually fangirling inside right now.

"You're right I do have a one in a kind style, anyway I'm a big fan of yours wich makes sense that I came to your concert, and I'm meeting you right now."

He blabbered . He was nervous so he was talking a lot .

I laughed .

He looked confused .

"Why are you laughing ?"

"Neymar relax I'm just a normal girl . I'm a big fan of yours Mr. Super Star Footballer ."

I grinned big and his smile widened .

"The thing is I'm not just a regular fan ."

He rubbed the back of his head .

"You may think this is crazy since we never talked before ."

He sighed and looked at me .

I nodded telling him to continue .

"I really like you and I'm here to ask you out"

He rushed out .

I smiled finding his rushed words cute.

"It's not crazy. I like you too"

He looked up and smiled.

"Really ? So about that date? "

I walked closed to him.

"I'd like that "

I replied kissing his cheek .



Thank you for those who are reading my other book .

And Justin Bieber you can go check my fanfic about him in my profile it's completed .

I'm not a fan of his .

Brazil won yesterday !!!!


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