A Festive Surprise

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They start as strangers in this one

Summary: Steve always visits Bucky during Christmas time

Steve first met Bucky when his family was visiting their lake house during the summer. Steve couldn't sleep one night, so he drove and ended up in the bad parts of town. Of course, his car had to break down. He tried calling his parents, but no one answered.

Bucky saw him outside and came to see if he needed help. He didn't look untrusting, so Steve let him help. Bucky told him that he'd take a look at it tomorrow, since it was late. He was kind enough to let Steve stay overnight. He introduced himself as 'James', but said everyone called him 'Bucky'.

Bucky's house was a bit run down, smaller than what Steve was used to. His parents were very wealthy, so he spent his life used to big houses.

Steve never really spent nights in other people's houses, so he laid there with an uneasy feeling and unable to fall asleep. Bucky noticed and they spent the rest of the night getting to know each other. When the morning came, he finished Steve's car and it was ready to go. It was no surprise that they found each other attractive, so when Steve was about to take off, they exchanged numbers, wanting to keep in touch and ever since that day, they kept talking.

At almost a year of knowing each other and a whole lot of feelings involved, Bucky finally asked Steve to be his boyfriend.

When Steve's parents found out, at first they weren't too pleased because he didn't have a lot of money and didn't fit in with the type of crowd they're used to, but once they got to know him and his family they instantly loved him.

It's been 3, almost 4 years they've been together and every Christmas Steve always visited him at his house. Bucky's apartment had a little balcony, so Steve brought out his inner interior designer and bought a love seat big enough for the both of them and a small fire pit. At first, Bucky didn't want him spending money on his apartment, but Steve made a very persuasive argument and Bucky was on board afterwards.

Steve approached his door with the gift he got him in the other hand while knocking.

"Steve? You're a couple days early?" He questioned. "I thought I'd surprise you." Steve smiled at him while giving his lips a small kiss. "So does this mean I get to spend more time with you?" Steve nods with a toothy smile.

They were doing the long distance relationship only because Steve wanted to find his own place closer to him and they haven't really talked about getting an apartment together anyways. They walked to his balcony with Bucky holding some blankets in his arms.

As they were watching a movie on Bucky's laptop surrounded with blankets, the fire, and light snow falling from the sky. He started to speak.

"You know I love you right?" Steve paused the movie to look at him,"Well I would hope so." He jokes, making him lightly chuckle as well.

"Ever since we got together, you never once complained about how much money I had. You never were in it for the money, even though you came from a rich family. You never were stuck up, rude or snobby. You saw past my wealth and saw me as a person and I can tell you, you were the first person to do that. I never had much to give you Steve, but you still loved me without a doubt. When times got tough for me and I got evicted, you let me stay at your lake house until I could get my house back. You gave me things I thought I'd never have and I'm eternally grateful for that. You gave me love, hope for a future I thought I'd never be able to achieve. When I lost my job, you helped me find another one, when I wasn't myself and was so caught up with trying to be the best for you. You told me to take a deep breath and to take a step back, so I can see the actual reality. You told me I was already the best for you. And I want to always be the best for you. Now, 5, 10, years in the future. I want to wake up to you every morning. I love you so much Steve." He paused and pulled out a box covered in velvet fabric.

"Will you marry me?" He asked with a wide smile. Steve nodded frantically,"Yes! Of course." He watched intently at the ring sliding on his fingers. Soon, Bucky's lips met Steve's and they couldn't be any more happier.

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