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Hello everyone, it's been a long time and now I finally have the energy and time to write my stories! But before I post a new chapter, I have some editing to do.

First of all, my naming senses are... quite poor as you can see, princess Ritchrinie, Doffiana, Voldestene? Well I'll probably keep Voldestene as a few of the readers seemed to like his name. But Doffiana!!! I didn't realised her name sounded like 'Dolphin' until my sister pointed it out! God damnit, I liked her name!

And also I realized I have too much name ending with '-ana', the Queen Pettriana, first princess Trissiana, third princess Doffiana. So I decided to make a few changes, like Patricia, Teressa, and Selena, Lilia. It's quite a shame to change Doffiana's name, not gonna lie I thought that it was a good name.

Then I realized I made this fantasy world a little too complicated, 12 races, 9 kingdoms, 7 oceans...... and the map I made online is a little bit too big for its own good. Also, my naming senses. I, um, might have tried too hard to name the kingdoms and oceans. Trying too hard to make it sound like something but also not sound like something.

Anyways, sorry, and thank you for reading this!

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