List of MsButterfly's Stories (Chronological order)

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Please take note that BHO and The Camp series are all raw and unedited. Bata pa ako noong sinulat ko sila kaya kung hindi niyo kaya ang jejemon phase ko you can just proceed to BHO CAMP (3rd Series) and my other stories like Dagger Series.

Side note: Available din sila sa Dreame. Kaya para sa gustong mag reread ng walang interruption you can also view them there.


Black Heart Organization Series

BHO: His Secret Agent Pretend Wife (Book 1)
—Mishy and Dale

BHO: His Secret Agent Wife (Mishy and Dale Alternate Ending)
—Mishy and Dale

BHO: His Secret Agent Bride To be (Book 2)
—Kat and PJ

BHO: My Secret Agent Boss (Book 3 )
—Poseidon and Bree

BHO: I'm Her Secret Agent Husband (Ethan and Maries One-Shot)

BHO: He's A Secret Agent and He's Mine (Book 4)
—Rain and Wynter

BHO: His Secret Agent Pretend Girlfriend (Book 5)
—Reese and Hurricane

BHO: He's My Secret Agent Brother and Soon To Be Husband (Book 6)
—Warren and Sophie

BHO: He's My Secret Agent Fake Husband (Book 7)
—Wynd and Autumn

BHO: He's My Secret Agent Husband (Book 8)
—Ice and Summer

BHO: HIs Secret Agent Spy Best Friend [Heaven and Lynxie Short Story]

The Camp Series

The Camp: His Secret Agent Secretary (Book 1)
—Paige and Aries

The Camp: His Secret Agent Apprentice (Book 2)
—Cloak and Fierce

The Camp: He's A Secret Agent and I'm His Slave (Book 3)
—Craige and Althea

The Camp: His Secret Agent Ex-Girlfriend (Book 4)
—Hade and Quin

The Camp: He's My Secret Agent Bodyguard (Book 5)
—Andreige and Cassandra

The Camp: He's A Secret Agent Waiter and I'm His Boss (Short Story)
—Marveige and Kate

The Camp: He's My Secret Agent Kusinero (Book 6)
—Yale and Eika



BHO CAMP #1: The Playgirl's Karma
—Adonis and Sky

BHO CAMP #2: The Rockstar's Personal Assistant
—King and Freezale

BHO CAMP: Trapping Mr. Rockstar Into Wedlock (Short Story)
—Rusmore and Den

BHO CAMP #3: Clash Of The Private A1
—Triton and Dawn

BHO CAMP #3.5: The Lost Affiliate

BHO CAMP #4: The Retribution

BHO CAMP #5: Syntax Error
—Phoenix and Snow

BHO CAMP #6: The Sweet Secret
—Fiere and Athena

BHO CAMP #7: The Moonlight
—Archer and Aiere

BHO CAMP #8: The Cadence
—Thunder and Hera

BHO CAMP#9: The Mismatched [On-Hold]
—Stone and Enyo

BHO CAMP#10 [Coming soon]
—Erebus and Nyx

BHO CAMP #11 [Coming soon]
—Blaze and Eris

BHO CAMP #12 [Coming soon]
—Ocean and Harmony

BHO CAMP #13 [Coming soon]
—Chlymate and Chalamity

Note: Lahat ng may coming soon ay hindi pa naka post sa Wattpad at hindi pa nagagawan ng plot.

2. Dagger Series

Note: Ang completed pa lang sa series na ito ay ang unang book.

Dagger Series #1: Unwritten

Dagger Series #2: Unstrung

Dagger Series #3: Unscripted

Dagger Series #4: Unadorned

Dagger Series #5: Unbowed

Dagger Series #6: Unwavering

Dagger Series #7: Unbalanced

Dagger Series #8: Uncovered

3. Exquisite Saga (Collaboration)

Exquisite Saga #1: Chianti Callahan  (Completed)
— by MsButterfly

Exquisite Saga #2: Rousanne (Completed)
— JhasMean_

Exquisite Saga #3: Syrah (On-going)
— by modernbinibini

Exquisite Saga #4: Asti Medeira
— by Maxinejiji

4. D-Lair Trilogy

D-Lair Trilogy #1: Rovan Veserra (Completed)
— by MsButterfly

D-Lair Trilogy #2: Lucius Veserra
— by Luna King

D-Lair Trilogy #3: Halton Vesetta
— by missgrainne

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