The Grand Kalimat

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The Grand Kalimat

by JeffreyVonHauger

A long time ago in a galaxy far,

far away...

Seven moons circled the dead planet. Korriban looked like a frozen ball of sand. A shuttle lifted off the arrival pad and accelerated into orbit. At the controls were two black helmeted TIE fighter pilots with a red and black astromech on the floor between them. The co-pilot grumbled at the droid in distorted mechanical gibberish. It's head spun around, followed by its body, and it glided to the back of the ship.

The lone passenger sat perfectly still. Two rows of empty seats lined the rear section and he kept to the starboard side. Kalimat was a Sith alchemist and the emissary of the one true Dark Lord.

Kalimat was Ithorian, some called them hammerheads. His old yellow eyes sat atop a curving T shaped head with two mouths that spoke to the approaching droid in an echoing stereophonic voice. The Ithorian language had an almost sonic sound.

The shuttle went to light speed headed toward the central galaxy.


It emerged from hyperspace above the green and blue planet of Kuat. Hanging in space around the equator was the Kuat orbital shipyard, the only operation in the galaxy large enough to build and outfit Imperial Star Destroyers. Twenty-five were under various stages of construction around the enormous man-made ring.

Kalimat's shuttle was guided to a hanger bay. It passed through the force field, slowly spun around, and landed. The astromech flew down the ramp and stopped at the long legs of an Imperial security droid. They exchanged a few odd beeps and modular signals.

The security droid turned its attention to the chief engineer who was making his way to the docking bay. "The Grand Kalimat would like a word with you aboard his shuttle."

The chief engineer and his two highest-ranking construction executives boarded the ship followed by the two droids. A moment later the two executives exited frantically discussing the new schedule that would be implemented immediately by the new chief engineer.

The tall gray security droid, K6-SS8 walked down the ramp with the body of the former chief and dumped his lifeless remains on the flight deck. "It's been a pleasure working with you."

The droid's eyes flashed white as it walked back up the ramp. The Kalimat's shuttle lifted off, exited the station, lit a light beam across space, and disappeared.


On the planet Shili, in the village of Qantoon, beyond the forest canyon south of the grasslands lived the twice removed niece of the planet's regent. Seela was an exceptional child with deep auburn patterns on her skin. She was the descendant of Togruta hunters and warriors as her large striped horns proudly displayed. The force sensitive fifteen-year-old had exercised her abilities since she was four.

The shuttle ripped the atmosphere, glided down the edge of the ravine, and landed in the tall red grass. The terrain was rugged so the astromech stayed on the ramp. Kalimat and his newly acquired security droid walked toward the village.

Seela stood at the edge of the field. She sensed the approaching power of the Dark Side. She'd never felt anything like it. She wanted to touch it, to use it, to understand its strength. She forsaw abilities beyond her own.

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