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Everything seems to be falling into place.  Thea and Awsten have managed to keep the pregnancy private so far to avoid any extra stress from fans reacting badly and they've gotten the house near Shane and Ryland's that they'd hoped for and are moving in today with the help of their friends.

Thea's due date is only three weeks away, though the doctor warned that early births are common with twins, so no one wants her working too hard and all insist on her relaxing, which she argues against.  She agrees to not do any heavy lifting but helps with the smaller stuff and putting things away, along with making sure everyone stops to eat and drinks water which earns her some teasing from Elijah about how she's such a mom already.

The day goes by quickly and, by four thirty, about half of Thea and Awsten's things are in their new home.  Thea is at the house alone right now as the rest of the group loads up more stuff to bring here from the apartment and storage unit.  Thea is working on getting things a bit organized when she feels her water break.  She freaks out a little at first before reminding herself that the doctor said this is common.  She quickly calls Awsten so he can pick her up and get to the hospital.

"Hey," Awsten answers on the second ring, "everything okay?"

"My water broke," Thea gets right to the point,  "how far away are you?"

"Not too far," he replies, already making a U-turn, "I'll be there to pick you up soon as possible.  Bag's already in the car."

"Stay on the phone?" Thea requests hesitantly, not really wanting to wait this out alone.  She knows they're prepared but it's still scary in the moment.

"Not hanging up 'til I have you in my arms," he assures her, driving a little over the speed limit.  "I'll be there soon, okay?  Just try not to panic; we're ready for this, we've got it all planned.  I'm almost there, five more minutes."

"Are you driving safe?" Thea questions with a worried frown.

"Speeding a little but not being crazy, I promise.  I got this under control," he replies, "don't worry, I'm okay.  This is all okay.  We're gonna meet our babies, it's all gonna be okay."

They keep talking until Awsten gets back to the house and runs inside and hugs Thea before they head out to the car and to the hospital.  Awsten calls Elijah when they arrive at the hospital and are waiting for Thea to be ready to actually start having the babies.

"Hey," Elijah greets, "we're all at the apartment, where are you with the keys?"

"Okay, so, change of plans," Awsten starts off carefully, glancing towards Thea and giving a little nervous smile, "we're at the hospital.  Thea's water broke—"

"No fucking way, oh my god, she's gonna have the twins, we're on our way.  Do you want us to call anyone?  Geoff?  Your parents?  Gracie?" Elijah offers already heading towards the exit and motioning for the group to follow him, putting the phone on speaker.

"Geoff please," Awsten requests, "I'll call my parents and Gracie.  They'll lose it if they hear it from anyone other than me.  And can you make sure Geoff doesn't freak out and try to hop on a plane?"

"There's literally no stopping that from happening he'll be booking a flight as I tell him," Elijah scoffs, rolling his eyes as Sam mumbles something Awsten can't quite hear.  "Sam said to tell Thea to make the babies wait 'cause he doesn't have their crystal necklaces on him."

"I don't think I can just tell her to wait," Awsten mumbles with a little laugh, sitting down on the chair by the bed and holding Thea's hand.  "Tell Sam the necklaces can be their coming home gifts."

"Guess I'll settle for that," Sam speaks up, "be there soon!"

"See y'all soon," Awsten says before hanging up and turning his attention to Thea.  "We're gonna be parents," he mutters, "gonna have real live little babies to take care of."

"You ready?" Thea asks quietly, already in some pain and trying hard not to let it overwhelm her.

"Ready for anything as long as I got you by my side."


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