Chapter Eighteen

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We stayed at the hotel for a while after Todd's surprise visit. Zak was okay. He just had to rest and get well. As he laid in the bed, I decided to watch some tv. I flipped through the unknown channels before I stopped on E. They were talking about Holly Madison and Zak. Turning it off, I slammed the remote on the bed which woke Zak.

"Baby, you okay?" he groaned.
"Peachy," I whispered

He rose an eyebrow, watching him grab my wrist and gently pull me towards him. As he cuddled me, I felt his nose in the crevice of my neck and shoulder, feeling him breathe me in deeply.

"Stop watching the gossip," he whispered. "No stress, no worries."
"You're right," I whispered back.
"Hakuna Matata."
"What?" I laughed.

He quickly shot up and started singing Hakuna Matata from Lion King and I couldn't help but laugh. As he stood to his feet, he continued to sing into the bathroom as he began to brush his teeth. Still laughing, I gently laid down, wondering how the baby was doing.

"We still have to go to the doctor and we have to report the incident to the police," Zak spoke.
"I need to know about the baby," I replied.
"Why, baby?"
"I just need to know if it's okay," I said, worried.

As he spat water out from his mouth, he stepped out and hugged me tightly. To feel Zak's arms wrap around me was just - paradise. I rested there for a while Zak continued to hold me. Eventually, I fell asleep, but when I woke, Zak was no where to be found. He probably called an Uber to come get him.

"Shit," I cursed under my breath.

When I sat up, I saw a note from Zak.

'Went to the doctor. Took an Uber. I'll be okay. See you soon. Love, Zak'

I decided to go take a shower with the tiny amount of shampoo and body wash there was to rinse the filth that was all over me. I just - I couldn't believe it. Todd had found me and broke the restraining order. I couldn't help but sit on the bottom of the bath tub, holding my knees together while the water ran over me. I love Zak, but I don't want this to be around him. He already hunts demons. He doesn't need a human to stalk him who acts like one.

About fifteen minutes later, the door opened and Zak stood watching me as he leaned against the door frame. The water was still running over me. I still hadn't showered. He threw off his shirt and switched it so the tub could be filled.

"What are you doing?" I wondered.
"I could ask you the same," he spoke. "I'm caring for you."

He got on his knees while grabbing a washcloth and started to shampoo my hair. In all honesty, he was good at it, but I felt bad. He shouldn't do this for me. He told me to tilt my head backwards and water rushed over my head to rid the suds. He then proceeded to wet the washcloth and lather it in body wash to scrub my body.

"Zak," I began. "What if...?"
"No, he's not going to come back," he responded.
"How are we sure?"
"Because I called the police and explained the situation. They already found him and did everything they can. They watched all the security cameras I placed around the house and they locked him up. He's not going to be around anymore."

As I nodded my head, I began to feel the baby kicking. My head quickly shot at Zak who sat there curious. I grabbed his hand and yanked it on my stomach.

"Oh my god," he whispered.
"It's," I began.
"Our baby," he whispered with tears in his eyes.

He began kissing me all over, but I was just happy that I still had our baby.

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