Chapter Twenty-Eight

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"Why would I feel the need to intimidate you, Jackson? You're on my turf. You're the one that should be intimidated." Hylla practically snarled in return. Percy tilted his head enough to look down at the sword point but not enough to be cut by it. He carefully looked back around the room, noting how there were only two guards/soldiers in the room with Hylla, Vivian, and himself. The guards would change soon- there would be a brief moment when they would all be disarmed. He could easily take Hylla down in that moment.

"You see, Hylla, dear..." The two guard's for the next shift entered the room. Percy looked at Vivian who seemed to understand his plan. He glanced sideways and saw one of the guards start to hand the other her spear. With extreme speed and skill, Percy spun, elbowing Hylla in the jaw and stealing her sword, shoving her to the ground and holding the sword point against her chest. Hylla laid, frozen. The four guards let out battle cries and charged Percy. With a sharp jerk of his neck, the four guards' necks snapped sideways, the demigods falling to the ground. Dead. Hylla's mouth gaped open as she looked at her dead comrades and sisters in arms.

"You were dead the moment you touched Vivian." And with that, Percy shoved the sword into Hylla's chest, right underneath her sternum. Hylla gasped and pinched her eyes closed. Vivian slowly stood up, unwrapping the rope from around her wrists. Percy jerked the sword out of her chest, observing as Hylla's eyes slowly glazed and lost focus before she became completely still.

"Percy?" Vivian asked tentatively. "More guards are gonna come in soon when they realize the first shift never came out. C'mon. Let's go." Percy grabbed Vivian's wrist and vapor-traveled them away from the Amazons and back to Kronos' palace. When they reappeared, Percy day Vivian down on a step and healed the cuts on her wrists from the sharp ropes. They slowly disappeared as Percy called on the water in the air to gather and heal. "C'mon, Vivian. Let's find Andy." Vivian's eyes lit up slightly at the name of her fiancé.

They walked around the castle, Percy occasionally asking if she was still alright. Eventually, the pair found Andy, Arabella, Noah, Rynn, and Asher in Andy's room. As soon as they entered, Andy kept up with a shout of "Viv!", gathering her into his arms and hugging her tight. As the couple had their joyous reunion, Asher, Rynn, Noah, and Arabella walked towards Percy. "Are you alright?" Noah asked as Rynn asked, "What happened?"

Percy scratches the back of his neck. "I....uh...." he trailed off. "What?" Asher questioned. "I...may have killed the queen of the Amazons. Hypothetically, of course....haha."

"Perseus Jackson, you did WHAT?!" Arabella retorted angrily. "But it's okay! I got Vivian!" "You complete and total dumbass!" Arabella shouted. "We were going to get their supplies and such and use them to help us! For that, we need- oh, I don't know- THE QUEEN'S PERMISSION???" Percy looked down a little bit. "....sorry?" He replied. Noah, Asher, Rynn, Andy, and Vivian broke out into laughter. "It's like watching a big sister yell at her baby brother." Andy whispered to the others, all of them agreeing.

Percy snapped his fingers. "But it's okay! You know...because I could just bring her back! I think... I might need Kronos' help..." Percy started. Making absolutely no sense. "Percy, what the hell do you mean? I'm pretty sure you started a conversation in your head and only said part of it out loud." Andy replied with a snicker.

"Time." Percy said, eyes wide and looking like it explained everything. The others just stared at him. "Kronos and I can control time. All we'd have to do is move time backwards a little bit and then she'd be alive again. I'm betting we could just move time back for Hylla instead of moving all time back..." Percy continued on, mumbling under his breath.

"Where's Kronos?" He asked. "" Rynn hesitantly replied. "Fantastic. I'll let you know if this will even work after I talk to Kronos." And then Percy left the room. There was a moment of silence before Noah spoke up. "Errr....guys?" His voice was slightly smaller than normal. "Yeah?" They all replied. Noah took a deep breath before saying. "There's something you guys should know." Everyone was quiet before Asher encouragingly said, "Go ahead."

Taking another calming breath, Noah clambered around before standing up on the table. "I'M GAY!" He shouted. Everyone stared at him. "Oh.....kay?" Arabella replied. "Really? You guys are just...okay with it?" In a creepy way, they all shrugged their shoulders at the same time. "Yeah." Rynn stated simply, going back to what she was doing. "I mean, why wouldn't we be okay with it?" Asher asked in response. "Um...I don't know. But I'm gay." "Cool. I'm Andy. Nice to meet you."

Vivian smacked Andy's shoulder at his joke. "I can't believe I'm marrying you..." she mumbled. "Yeah. You're one lucky gal." Andy teased, pressing a kiss to her hair. Percy walked back in the room, Kronos at his side. He looked around and saw Andy being all cutesy with Vivian and Noah standing on top of a table. "First of all: eww." He said, wrinkling his nose in playful disgust at the couple. Andy stuck his tongue out at his brother.

"Second of all: why the fuck are you on top of a table?" Percy asked, directing his attention to Noah. "Because I just had a big, dramatic reveal. I'm gay." "Cool." Percy replied before turning to Kronos. "So it'll work?" "Yeah. I see no reason it wouldn't." The Titan replied. "Brilliant" Percy said.

"What's happening?" Arabella questioned.

"We're time-traveling, boyos." Percy answered.


43K??????? SIS I CAN'T COUNT THAT HIGH (jk jk I'm not that stupid I promise) But in all honesty thank you guys so much for reading this- it means so much to me

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43K??????? SIS I CAN'T COUNT THAT HIGH (jk jk I'm not that stupid I promise)
But in all honesty thank you guys so much for reading this- it means so much to me. Words can't express how thankful I am 💜

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