Chapter 1: The Beginning

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"Slowly, I realized that your love was timeless"

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"Slowly, I realized that your love was timeless"

This story somehow began at my grandparent's grand antiquated mansion which was deeply hidden in between the infinite forest a little outside of Seoul.

Like every other week I decided to visit the mansion of my grandparent's which was located in which I called the enchanting forest. Unfortunately their cleaning lady had an accident which is why I decided to help my grandmother instead and clean some parts of the antiquated yet forbiddingly beautiful mansion.

After spending the whole day with them at afternoon I decided to enter the mesmerizing art room of my grandfather where he spent half of his life
creating magical art pieces. The walls of the room were covered with his canvas, each painting tells a different tale of our hometown of over 200 years ago.

While growing up my parents always made me stay at my grandparent's house over the summer holiday's because of their busy schedule and the time our family business required from them but I would never complain because staying inside this magical forest was a wish of every little girl who once dreamt of being a princess.

I would spent most of the days inside my grandfather's art room. I loved to place a chair next to him while he was working on his paintings. We spent many hours together as he taught me about art and it's mystery of bringing your deepest imagination to life, dipping your brush into your soul and paint your own nature into your painting.

I smiled absentmindedly as I was cleaning the gaps between each canvas hanging on the wall when all of a sudden something I have never seen before caught my eyes.

I frown while travelling my eyes around the small door which was covered with a dusty wallpaper. I slowly stroked my fingers over the edges of the door, feeling a sudden warmth rushing through my veins.

Without hesitating I started wiping the dust off until the door started revealing itself. I let my fingertips travel around the mysterious door I never paid attention to before carefully grabbing the door handle and pulling the door to see if it's locked.

I gasped when the door suddenly started moving, I quickly took a step back while staring at it with widened eyes.

"Y/n?" I flinched slightly when the weak voice of my grandmother echoed through the dark hallway outside of my grandfather's art room.

Without looking back I immediately ran out of the room and quickly shut the door behind myself to lean my body against it and exhale deeply while a rush of curiosity flashed through my body.

What was that?

At dinner, while eating in silence I dared to ask them about what I've seen in the room.

"I have a question" I said, smiling awkwardly at them while playing with the fork in my hand.

"What is it dear?" My grandmother asked me softly with a warm smile resting on her lips.

I gulped and looked down at my food, flashbacks of the door suddenly moving started playing in front of my eyes before lifting my head and asking them what was burning on the tip of my tongue.

"While I was cleaning grandpa's art room, something I have never seen before caught my eyes. A door, a small door to be precise. Does the door lead to another room?" I gulped while nervously glancing into their eyes but their sudden reaction made me immediately regret the question I just asked them.

The smile on my grandmother's lips disappeared in a blink of an eye and got replaced by a shocked expression as if I had comitted an awful crime.

"Have you touched it Y/N?" My grandfather suddenly broke the tensed silence. All of a sudden his eyes darkened along with his voice which suddenly sounded way deeper than usual which caused a cold shiver run down my spine.

"I-" I stuttered unable to move nor speak.

"You will never touch that thing or get even near it! AM I CLEAR Y/N?" He suddenly screamed at me and made me flinch on my seat while the tears started dwelling in my eyes.

It was the first time I saw this different side of him. The usually calm and full of warmth man was gone, but why?

I couldn't understand nor believe his sudden change of behavior while the lump in my throat started growing and suffocating me. I lowered my head while silently nodding at him, but l knew my curiosity wouldn't just simply end with this awkward conversation.

The mysterious door has awoken something inside me which wouldn't let me sleep in peace until I would find out what they were hiding behind it,

and I wish I would have never let this curiosity take over me

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