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"You always like to come here don't you?" a voice says from behind me. I could feel my head starting to ache by the coming waves of insult and nuisance this child could give me. "—basically I was right. You have no life whatsoever."

"You could join those social gatherings, it wouldn't hurt to try—although expect that everybody would know you as that guy who's pathetic and is a loner," she then walks around to face me. She was well dressed today; she wore a baby blue coloured dress that reached to her knees, gold jewelries that complimented her fair complexion, pink flat shoes and a butterfly hairband around her head.

"Are you done fantasizing me? I swear you don't have any preference for ages to lust with," she scrunches her nose at me with disgust, covering her chest area with her hands as some thing to add fuel. "---I won't be surprised if you'd date someone who's old enough to be your grandmother."

I sourly chuckled. "Don't worry. I don't do girls who don't have chests," she turns red and removes her tiny hands from her chest, then crosses her brows angrily at me. "—You pervert!"

I shake my head, a little to chirpy that I struck a nerve at her. "It's alright to be flat-chested. Don't worry, someone might love you for who you are—with chest or without one," I say pettily, knowing that she's fuming in anger and embarrassment. Now you'd get how I feel with your insults, be used to it kid.

"I'm still a kid! I'm eleven for your information," she defends but it makes me all the more to be mused. "Oh really? Well, who said she wasn't a kid? She clearly said she's a "teen"," I quote-on-quote. "—Care to help me remember?"

"Whatever Zitco," she spats.

"Zitco?" I rephrased at her. "—anyway, why are you so dressed up? Are you going on a date?" I say in a teasing manner.

"Oh she grows up too fast—except her chest." She clearly ignores my insult and takes a seat beside me, pedaling her foot forward and back. "I ran away."

I widened my eyes at her in utter shock and horror. "What do you mean you ran away?"

She shrugs her shoulders like it isn't a big deal. "I just told you. I ran away, simple as that."

"I mean why?" I looked at her confused at the same time thinking she's a nutcase. "—your parents are lovely, what makes you driven to ran away anyway? Or is this your rebellious stage, I can understand. Brats like you are the worst possible case if entering rebelling stage."

She snickers. "Not like that idiot. I ran away because I didn't want to take the entrance exams."

"Y-you foolish brat, why would you run away for just that reason?"

"It's an entrance exam for high school," she clarifies. "—I don't want to enter high school. People are horrible there," she adds, then mumbles in a soft tone. "—I don't want to go through the same thing again, but worst."

"I forgot," I replied. "—you are a genius. That explains why you're quick-witted than any average eleven year old."

She fishes out something from her pocket and pulls out a small strawberry flavored lollipop. She tries to peel the wrapper off but is clearly having a hard time, you could see sweats piling up her forehead as she grits her teeth and looks constipated. I wanted to help her but only after a few seconds since I'm pathetic and enjoy her silent, torturous moment.

I had enough with watching her suffer and snatch the lollipop out from her hands. Her eyes blink in surprise then exasperation at me. "What the hell is your problem? Taking a lollipop out of an eleven year old, are you really that pathetic? And just buy one, it's not like it costs a hundred bucks."

I clicked my tongue at her. "Kid. I could buy an effin box of lollipop if I wanted and I'm not that petty to steal some candy from a rude brat, I'm just gonna open it since your small little fingers don't cut it," I snap at her and proceeded to pry open the wrapper and handed it to her quickly.

She brashly takes it and clutches it hard on her fingers. "Whatever," she murmurs.

I raised a brow. "Aren't you gonna thank me?"

She gives me an irritated look. "Why should I? I didn't ask you to open it for me."

"It wouldn't hurt to say thank you, wouldn't it?" I darted at her. "—is your ego really that big, then I feel bad for you."

"FINE! THANK. YOU," she yells and plops the lollipop onto her mouth. You could see her frowning with eyebrows crossed as she gave the grass a deathly glare. This was one of that moments you could tell she's just some child no matter how rude or mature she might be.

"That was easy, wasn't it?" I smirked. "—so are you planning to head home?"

"Not yet," she briefly replies, then takes out her lollipop. "—I'm not in the mood for their scolding. It's too suffocating and unbearable."

"But they have all the right to be mad at you," I explain. She squints her eyes at me. "—they don't. Did they every stop to consider if this was what I wanted? They didn't and they have the right to be mad at me? They always say it's for my own good, like that crap's going to and I wished I wasn't a genius at all. It's a curse."

I stay silent, unable to think of appropriate words to say to her. I wanted to tell her and side with her parents but seeing that she's clearly have had enough with all the things they keep telling her, I chose not to. It's not my business and if I did say it, I wouldn't be considering her own feelings. It'd be too selfish. "Just this once," she starts.

I look at her. "Only this time, can you listen to me and tell me what to do?"

"I thought being a genius was a gift. I made my parents so proud and happy that I did study and entered cram school to enhance this gift of mine," she trails off. "—they were supportive and they let me do what I really wanted but suddenly, they started to have this high expectations of me and they built this sort of reputation for them and me that I have to always succeed and if I won't, I'd lose everything. People would wait and laugh at my small mistakes."

She throws her now empty lollipop stick. "And I lost almost everything because of this. I don't want to enter high school, what should I do?''

I drew a breath. "What's more important for you; your parents' wants or your wants?" I emphasized. "—do you want to disappoint your parents for the price of what you want, that is freedom and happiness?"

"I-I don't know," she says. "—even if my parents are like that, I still love them. But I don't want to be enslaved by their own ideals for me."

"I'm not really sure if I could be of any help or if this is a helpful advice, but how about giving this a chance?" she stares at me. "—if you don't like this, you can fight for yourself but how about trying it for a few months, maybe you'll love it. Maybe people would understand you better—I mean you're clearly not just some 11 year old and maybe you could click with older people."

"What if I do like this?" she asks like it's the worst thing.

"Then what's wrong with that? Is it bad to like something new? Just embrace it and let it flow to you."

"Maybe you're right," she answers. "—you're not that bad, Zitco. That pea-brain of yours can be quite helpful sometimes."

"You're such an entitled brat," I smile. "—just admit I was helpful. After all I am older than you, I could be your brother figure and I need to live up to that."

"In your dreams," she pulls out your tongue. "—thinking of you as my brother figure disgusts me."

"As If I'd be happy being one—especially brats like you."

"Yeah, I'd never see you as my brother."

July 1,2019

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