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Namjoon was nervous, to say the least. He honestly wasn't ready to meet Seokjin's boyfriend, really afraid that he'd have his teeth knocked out. But, if you look at it differently, Seokjin was just a friendly person. So, Minho wouldn't mind if they were just friends, right? Right.

At least, that's what Namjoon thought.

The blonde boy entered the wooden styled cafe with a huff of frustration and anxiety. As much as he tried to convince himself it was going to be fine, he still had this bad feeling at the pit of his stomach. He spotted the couple, the much taller man nuzzling his nose into a giggling Seokjin's neck. He approached them slowly, catching how Seokjin noticed him and smiled.

"Namjoonie!" he yelled and Minho lifted his head, smiling as well, something that seemed way too genuine than what Namjoon had imagined.

"Uh, hey!" he replied, sitting across from them, forging a smile that didn't look as though he was about to shit his pants.

"Minho, this is Kim Namjoon, my good friend," Seokjin started, "and Namjoon, this is Choi Minho, my lovely boyfriend!"

Minho extended his hand and smiled. "Hello, Namjoon," he said, generosity is his voice.

Namjoon felt relieved by just a little, and shook the older's hand, his smile more real. "Hey, Minho hyung," Namjoon said before they let go of each other's hands.

Seokjin squealed and clapped his hands. "I'm so happy you guys are getting along already!" he exclaimed, his smile growing, if possible.

Damn, the entire cafe was full of smiles today.

It'd been half an hour already, and Namjoon and Minho got along really well. They shared a lot of interests, one being sightseeing and another being music. They spoke for minutes on end, forgetting about the brunette beauty sitting at the same table.

Seokjin heaved a soft sigh, tracing his finger around the rim of his cup. He noticed that the boys continued to ignore him. He sighed louder. Still nothing. He sighed even louder. Still nothing.

"AH!" he yelled and both boys turned their attention on the brunette.

"Is something wrong, babe?" Minho questioned and Seokjin frowned cutely at him.

"You guys are ignoring me!" he complained and both boys looked at each other before they burst out laughing.

"We're sorry, Jinnie," Namjoon laughed and Minho nodded.

"Yea, babe. We're sorry," the older chuckled, pecking Seokjin's lips, making him smile.

Namjoon suddenly shifted uncomfortably at the PDA he was experiencing. Not because it was it was generally puplic display of affection, but because it was public display of affection with the boy he liked. After brushing it off, he sighed and sipped on his Americano. Thoughts ran through his mind as he stayed quiet.

"-joon? Namjoon, are you okay?" The youngest snapped back to reality when he saw Seokjin's hand waving in front of his face.

He nodded awkwardly. "Uh, yeah. I just have a bit of a headache. I think I should go," he replied, reaching into his pocket for his wallet.

"You're leaving already?" Minho enquired, the couple watching as the blonde stood up before nodding again.

He placed some money on the table. "I- I'll see you guys again," he said with a forced smile before leaving, hurrying back home.

He's happy, Namjoon. Let him be happy.


my mom literally told me that my future girlfriend is gonna wear a strap-on. eye-

and also, I was watching hwarang for my second time and I kept dreading episode 18. as much as I watched ep18 by itself and thought I was prepared for it after watching the first 17, I was not. i fucking sobbed. I weeped. it was like someone in my house died but it was my baby suk hansung that died. holy lamb skewers i literally shed more tears than when I watched before I fall for the first and second time.

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