The Meaning of Being a Granddaughter of the Han Clan

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For almost a day, Chu Feng was asleep. She really exhausted herself. 

She woke up to find Mei and Mingyu run the store. Mei Lien saw Chu Feng and gave Chu Feng a bowl of soup.

"Mingyu cooked it for you. It contains some medicine in it too that will help you recover," Mei Lien said. 

Chu Feng ate the soup while the time ticked slowly. 

So they knew she took an aphrodisiac. How? From the blood tie? No, the blood tie wasn't that strong to allow Mei Lien to know she (CF) took an aphrodisiac. Then, could Mingyu have known? Impossible. Although he was a divine beast, he couldn't have smelled--! Ah, she was releasing pheromones.

Although she had slept for almost an entire day, she still felt tired. 

Ming Shu showed up at the door breathless. When her eyes saw Chu Feng, tears bursted out of her eyes and ran over to Chu Feng, making her (CF) drop her half aten soup, like a lightning bolt. 

"That man never really deserved a woman like you!" Ming Shu bawled out her eyes while hugging Chu Feng tightly. 

So it's already out?

"I'm fine," Chu Feng's voice broke unknowingly. Seeing Ming Shu cry for her broke her (CF) heart. Maybe it was really affecting her (CF) hard as well. 

"Chu Feng, it's ok. I'm here for you." Ming Shu caressed Chu Feng as she wiped away her own tears. "You'll find someone better than the Prime Minister."

Slowly, Chu Feng's tears fell down her own face. She touched them and looked at the tear drops. My, I'm really affected by the divorce.

"No! It's not time to cry! This is not what I'm here for! I mean, I am here to cheer you up. But- Ah! More importantly, Patriarch Han (Grandfather Han) and your father along with some more elders are at the Prime Minister's home." Ming Shu shooked Chu Feng as her tears fell out. She spoke as quickly as she could in one breath: "I also heard that Patriarch Han isn't really well but still went to the Prime Minister's home."

Chu Feng's eyes stopped tearing immediately after what Ming Shu said. She loved Grandfather Han and Father Han, even if she only knew them through the memories of Han Qin Xi.

Zhou Residence.

"What do you mean she's not here?!" Grandfather Han yelled and banged on the table as he looked at the Young Prime Minister Zhou with eyes that could kill him (YPMZ) a thousand times. Although Grandfather Han was sickly these days, he didn't seem to be sickly now. 

Father Han stood by Grandfather Han and tried to calm him down. Although Father Han was furious too, he couldn't allow Grandfather Han's condition to get worse. 

"Our families has always watched out for each other! We even gave you one of our daughters to you to take care of. This is what we get in return? Although my granddaughter is ignorant, it doesn't mean that she's dumb! How dare you treat her this way?!" Grandfather Han didn't leave one drop of his anger left. He was ready to explode. "My granddaughter, I've raised her with my own two hands. I understand how she is, but it is not enough of a reason for you to treat her like this!" 

Madam Zhou sat in her cozy chair with a dark face. She didn't know what went wrong. Last night, she planned to make the two children bed each other, but she didn't expect for her son to divorce Han Qin Xi already. Her brain cells was stressed out to the point of no return. She expected good news in the morning but instead, she got her son's statement of divorce from the administrator. 

"Prime Minister Zhou, I watched you grow up and gave you one of my child to take care as I entrusted you, but it seems I was wrong. I believe you were smart enough to realize that divorce meant something was wrong with our Han Clan's daughter?" Father Han spoke out. 

"Enough!" An elder from the Zhou clan yelled. "Our Young Prime Minister Zhou has the right to do anything he wants. If he decided to divorce his wife, there IS something wrong with your daughter."

"You!" Grandfather Han pointed his fingers shakingly at the elder from the Zhou clan.

"Elder Zhou Cai, watch what you say!" An elder from the Han Clan stated. It was elder Han Eryan, one of the well respected elders. He had just come out of seclusion along with elder Han Siu and Han Lang.

Grandfather Han had five brothers and each of them had three to four sons, making the Han clan very big. Most of the elders went into seclusion and allowed the younger children to take care of the Han clan. Although, Grandfather Han couldn't really go into seclusion since he was the patriarch and had to train the next patriarch, Father Han (HQX's father). 

Because of the divorce, the two clan's generational relationship was breaking. The Zhou clan looked like they didn't really care. 

"Patriarch Han, think carefully. Are you going to risk our clan's relationship just because of this small divorce? She isn't even your blood granddaughter." Elder Zhou Cai sneered. His finger tapped the table one by one.

Patriarch Han released his overbearing aura. The elders from the each clan followed. The situation was not right at all. Madam Zhou and the servants there were all over pressured. Lou Nan and Zheng Mingran felt the pressure and was only able to withstand it a little. 

"Elder Zhou Cai, it seems that you don't understand our Han clan. Once Han Qin Xi is taken into our Han Clan, from that moment forward, she is our daughter, blood related or not." Han Siu stated confidently and proudly. 

Each Han clan elders nodded in sync. They didn't really have a good impression of Han Qin Xi but she was a granddaughter and daughter that all of them took care of. Only they were able to decide whether Han Qin Xi was good enough to be part of the Han Clan or not.


Someone clapped and got the attention of the clan elders. 

"Clan Elders, please respect those who don't cultivate," Zhou Xun Li interrupted them. He was the cousin of the Young Prime Minister Zhou. 

The elders took away their auras after looking at the servants and Madam Zhou. Madam Zhou had on an indescribable look. She was stressed, so much that she could faint any moment now. Why couldn't these old men just shut it?

"Han clan elders," the Young Prime Minister finally opened his mouth. All eyes laid on him, some with fierceness. "The divorce was my decision and I will take the blame for everything here on out, even the blame for it our two clans' relationship breaks. We were not compatible."

"You've been on married for nearly a year only and you dare say that our clan's granddaughter isn't compatible with you? With such little time and you gone everyday, you think you are allowed to make a judgement of if you are compatible or not? Don't think we, the Han clan, do not know what happened during your wedding night and how you've been treating our daughter! We overlooked everything since we believe you still cared for our two clans." Patriarch Han stressed out. "Fine! You are really not compatible! Our Han Clan's daughter shouldn't be with someone like you!"

As Grandfather Han spoke out, he coughed out blood. He held onto his chest. Father Han held onto Grandfather Han. 

"Patriarch Han, you aren't feeling well today. Come back next time." Elder Zhou Xifeng coughed and said. He didn't like where this conversation was going. If it continued, the two clan's relationship was really going to break off right now.

Just then, a short statured woman appeared with three people behind her.

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